February Newsletter
COVID-19 Vaccination Data
NYSIIS and the New York State Department of Health will be sending COVID-19 vaccination data through HealtheConnections starting next week. We understand how important this is to your operations and your patients' health and are actively building resources to meet this timeline.

These initial resources will include:
  • Self-service report on myConnections showing COVID-19 vaccinations for your patients
  • Vaccination data available for query and within each patient's record in Patient Lookup
Any patient who has provided consent to your organization will be included. If you are an authorized public health user, you'll have access to all vaccination data, regardless of consent.
We are also evaluating enhancements to make this important information available for providers and public health professionals through our myPopHealth and myData tools.
Please stay tuned for official launch announcements.
Supporting Behavioral Health IPAs: New Partnership with IMSNY
Applying patient data for improved outcomes in the behavioral health space.
We're pleased to announce a partnership to deliver critical patient care information in near real-time with Innovative Management Solutions (IMSNY), a joint venture between two of the largest behavioral health-focused Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) in New York State. These IPAs will now receive hospital clinical event alerts for their entire patient population to improve transitions of care, care coordination, and contribute to better patient outcomes through this connection.

Meet Our New
HIE Participants
January 2021
CNY, North Country &
Southern Tier

  • Boston Heart Diagnostics
  • Clinical Enterprises Inc
  • CuseChiro
  • PreventionGenetics
  • Progenity Inc
  • ProPath Services LLC

Hudson Valley

  • Binghamton University
  • Mount Sinai Genomics Inc
Meet Our New
Data Contributors January 2021
CNY, North Country &
Southern Tier

  • Jewish Home of CNY
  • WellNow Urgent Care
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January 2021
More than 4,200 locations, supporting 11,000 physicians.
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