New for November!
New Tools
Implementation Toolkits!
Get practical help for implementing recommended literacy practices!

Toolkits gather NCIL and related content, that when used collectively or separately, can teach a research-based program, practice or concept.
Literacy Skills Checklist
Get personalized resources aligned with reading, writing and language skills for beginning readers.
This tool is designed to help guide parents, caregivers, and professionals in recording the presence of important reading, writing, and language skills in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.
Explore By Topic
A New Way to Explore Content
NCIL content and related resources conveniently categorized by our most popular literacy topics.  
New Family Resources
Supporting Your Child's Literacy Development
This toolkit helps parents and families take part in literacy experiences at home to develop children’s reading and language skills.

Route to Reading Infographics
The Route to Reading infogrphics are designed to be quick tips to help support your child's reading development. Find them with the Improving Literacy Briefs!

Improving Literacy Briefs in Spanish
Thanks to Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone has translated four of our Improving Literacy Briefs into Spanish! Click the pictures below to find the translated briefs!