Events: On Pride and Authenticity
Our First Movie Nights: A Celebration of Pride!
On June 21st, we kicked off our newest event series, Movie Nights! After a screening of the documentary film "State of Pride (2019)," the forty+ participants heard personal experiences from two Boston-based LGBTQ young professionals. This was followed by an icebreaker and small group discussions. Thank you to all who participated!

For those who missed it, please enjoy photos from the event !
You can also view the full length film on YouTube.

Being Authentic: What Does That Even Mean?
Our third Dialogue Nights of the year took place on the evening of May 31st, when more than fifty Boston-area university students and young professionals gathered to explore the topic of authenticity. The theme was inspired by our previous Dialogue Nights discussion on the loneliness epidemic, during which many participants shared their tendency to compare themselves to others or feel the need to be a certain way, which in turn, increased their feelings of
loneliness and isolation.

Seminars: Dignity and Dialogue
In May, we hosted part two of a seminar on the topic of "Dignity" with established and emerging scholars from UMass Boston and DePaul University. Participants engaged in focused dialogue on the meaning and role of dignity in the fields of human rights, social justice, and value-creating education.
Inspired by Tufts University Professor Steve Cohen's chapter in Peacebuilding Through Dialogue , we hosted a seminar on " The Art of Classroom Dialogue ." Dr. Cohen was joined by Deborah Donahue-Keegan, also of Tufts, Stephen Gould of Lesley University, and Jason Goulah of DePaul University.
Interviews: Commitments To Peace
In this new interview , Winston Langley, Professor Emeritus of Political Science & International Relations at the University of Massachusetts Boston, offers his thoughts on global peace and insights into Daisaku Ikeda's efforts toward the same.

Catia Confortini, Associate Professor of Peace and Justice Studies at Wellesley College, shares her deeply held, inspiring convictions about peace, justice, and feminism in this interview with the Center.
Save The Date: What's Next?
Save the date for o ur next Dialogue Nights !
f or College Students and Young Professionals


Date: Friday, August 16
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Doors open at 6:30pm


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