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O ctober is here once again, bringing autumn   hues, anticipation of winter, and shorter days.
Now is a perfect time to  take advantage of the optimal weather and get out in nature. Pay a visit to your favorite patch of WILD terrain and pay close attention to the sights, smells and sounds of the abundant communities of  animal species that live  within it's margins.
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California's Bobcats:  Where Do They Stand Now?
By Jacob Shea, Felidae Contributor
On August 5, 2015, the California Fish and Game Commission voted to ban commercial and sport bobcat trapping across the state.  The regulation, which passed with a 3-2 majority, places California among the ranks of ten other US states that have banned bobcat trapping, including Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana and Ohio.

By Liliana Ortiz Tolhuysen, Biologist and Veterinarian (Chile) 

This summer (2015) I completed an internship at Felidae Conservation Fund, as a final requirement in order to obtain a Master's degree in Environmental Conservation at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  My role as intern was to contribute to the camera-trapping campaign and field data collection.

Pumas (Puma concolor) are often difficult to study because of their ecological characteristics including: their low population densities, extensive movements, large territories and cryptic nature.

Puma at Hair-Snare, Attracted by Scent

Argentina Article-Final

Argentina Puma Project Update
By Ally Nauer, Biologist and Development Manager
Over the summer I visited the Argentina Puma Project during their winter field work season to assist with remote camera work, tracking and collaring pumas. The project study area is located in the Southern Buenos Aires Province of Eastern Argentina and is studying the distribution (habitat use, home range size), population, and genetics of pumas; none of which have been previously studied in the region.

Exterminating Tigers for Frivolous Cures
By Kim Geisler, Scientist and Director of Administration
Traditional Chinese medicine, which is practiced throughout and beyond Asia, uses many parts of tigers in cures for complaints as trivial as laziness, baldness and low libido (using tiger penis), among more serious conditions.
Tiger hunting is illegal in all nations on earth.  In 1993, China banned the use of tiger parts for medicines. However, tiger populations throughout Asia are declining as fast, or, some researchers think, even faster, than before the ban because of a dramatic increase in poaching for the rampant black market.

for  Tiger Conservatio n
and help us meet our goal

CAT Aware is "Back in Schools"
By Tyrel Bernardini, Education Program Manager
In August, I joined Felidae as Director of the CAT Aware Program. The CAT Aware program is designed to raise social consciousness of the wild cats living in and around our San Francisco Bay Area communities.  Through educational programming and school visits, we hope to promote a message of coexistence and support for these charismatic wildlife species.
I have a B.Sc. in Zoology from Humboldt State University. My experience includes working with wildlife at: Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward, the Oakland Zoo and ARCAS (Asociacion de Rescate y Conservacion de la vida Silvestre) in Guatemala; and community outreach in Tanzania with the Jane Goodall Institute. I recently returned from a year in Africa, where I worked with gorillas in the Congo, bats in Malawi and lions and zebras in Kenya. 
I am currently expanding the CAT Aware Program and contacting new and returning schools around the Bay Area. We have started presenting in Bay Area schools, and look forward to hearing from you  if you are interested in getting your school on our list for this  y ear's program.

 Learn more about the CAT Aware Education Program

To bring CAT Aware to your school, email


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Upcoming Events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Saturday, October 10  
WCN Expo in San Francisco
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Wednesday, October 14 
Living with Mountain Lions with Napa County RCD
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Saturday, October 17
SCVAS Wildlife Education Day in Cupertino
7:00 pm-8:30 pm

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Oakland Zoo's Boo at the Zoo
10 am-3 pm

Saturday, October 24
Bay Area Science Festival, North Bay Discovery Day at the Sonoma Fairgrounds
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Saturday, October 24 
Bay Area Science Festival, Cal State East Bay Discovery Day at Cal State East Bay
11 am-4 pm

Saturday, November 7
Bay Area Science Festival, AT&T Park Discovery Day at AT&T Park
10 am-4 pm

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