What's New This Month
Reopening Time! You can now come into the store and once again enjoy the smells, vibrant colours, and take inspiration from being in your Happy Place, at Soper Creek Yarn.
We've adjusted our hours somewhat, so our July shop hours will now be:
Wednesday - Friday, 10:30 am - 4 pm
Saturday 11 am - 3 pm, or, by appointment.
Closed, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

You can find updates and fresh news of the shop on our Website and Facebook Page.
Ravelry.com, Shop for Patterns Online
How do you find just the right pattern? Innovative new designs come from the Ravelry.com website, and we’re happy to show our customers how to find their favourites, of over 200,000 designs in the Ravelry website inventory. We walk you through how to sign up, then search to plan your next projects. The website breaks down what yarn was used to complete the designs, and you can see different versions of finished projects for your inspiration. You can buy the pattern yourself, or we can buy it for you, in-store.

Participants will provide useful bits of information for this project, helpful tips that you can use, and comments on the design. This simple to use website offers an endless source of patterns and variations you’ll really enjoy, but be careful, it can be somewhat addictive! Some patterns are offered as a free download, and you can pay the designer for their great designs.

Definitely take a trip over to www.ravelry.com, we know you’ll enjoy it!
July Inspirations
New Knit Along: Make a Love Note Sweater
Join us for a Knit Along, make a ‘Love Note’ sweater! A great pattern, with many size options. Make one for yourself...Check Ravelry for ideas about sizes and yarn, by Tin Can Knits.
Just a few of the ideas we have here in the shop! The photo below has suggestions of yarn combinations to make the sweater for the new Knit Along.
New Yarn in Stock
Your favorite recycled yarn gets a new weight! Remix Chunky is perfect for all your larger gauge projects. This machine-washable yarn is an all-season replacement for wool.
What makes this yarn eco-friendly? It's created from recycled materials! The price is $15.50 for 100 grams at Soper Creek Yarn.

How is it made?
Garments and high-quality commercially knit fabric panels left over from the ready-to-wear industry are collected from across Europe and sorted by fiber, then color. Because these pieces are pre-dyed, there is no need to dye them again, which saves water and prevents water pollution. Instead, colors are created by carefully blending garnetted fibers. Garnetted fiber is the result of shredding old textiles to make a new, fleece-like fiber that is ready to be spun into a new yarn.
What's On Sale
BlueQ Socks and Gifts are 30% - 50% off, in store only as there is limited selection and stock.
“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
Elizabeth Zimmerman