Feb / Mar 2015
Rachel's Network Blog Roundup 


Rachel's Network is celebrating a notable milestone this year: it was 15 years ago that our founder, Winsome McIntosh, brought together 18 peers committed to environmental philanthropy. Today, Rachel's Network has grown to nearly 100 members and is stronger than ever. 

It's delightful to mark this occasion by welcoming not one, but two new Environmental Leadership Liaisons. As directors of NRDC and Greenpeace USA, Rhea Suh and Annie Leonard are two of our movement's most powerful women. We couldn't be more excited to have them join our community. You can read more about Annie and Rhea below. 

We also recognize tomorrow's Global Divestment Day with a post on our members who are divesting their personal investments and foundations from fossil fuels. Their participation as funders adds a unique and powerful voice to this growing movement.

Here's to another 15 years of supporting a healthy future... together! 

Thu Pham, President

Member Voices: Funders Go Fossil Free

As environmental funders, a number of Rachel's Network members have made a commitment to divest from fossil fuels, both personally and through the foundations they direct. As we celebrate Global Divestment Day, they offer tips for those ready to move their money.

NRDC President Rhea Suh Joins Rachel's Network as Liaison

Natural Resources Defense Council President and longtime environmental advocate Rhea Suh has joined Rachel's Network as a Leadership Liaison. "We're so happy to see an accomplished woman like Rhea leading one of our country's largest and most effective environmental groups," said Rachel's Network President Thu Pham. "Her vision has already inspired action on diversity in the environmental community, a vital undertaking if we're to succeed in protecting the planet for all."

Greenpeace USA Director Annie Leonard Joins Rachel's Network as Liaison

Greenpeace USA Executive Director Annie Leonard, one of the nation's leading environmentalists, has joined Rachel's Network as a Leadership Liaison. "Annie's unique ability to engage the public on environmental issues is an invaluable asset to our movement." said Rachel's Network President Thu Pham. "We're delighted she's adding her passionate voice to our network."
Member Voices: Standing with Elephants by Diane Brinkmann

In her travels across Africa over the last decade, Diane Brinkmann has come to deeply appreciate and love elephants. Here she shares her experiences at an elephant camp in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya with Elephant Watch, and the dire need to protect these magnificent creatures from illegal wildlife trafficking.
Advisor Debbie Walsh Receives Leadership Honor

Rachel's Network Advisor Debbie Walsh is among the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century recognized by Women's eNews. The publication cites Walsh for her commitment to "changing the gender profile of those running for office and pushing for more women in every level of government."
Kef Kasdin Joins Third Way's Board of Trustees

Third Way's Board of Trustees announced that Rachel's Network Member Kef Kasdin has joined the centrist think tank's board. Third Way is working with elected officials, companies, environmental groups, and other nongovernmental organizations to build support for urgent climate action. Kef's appointment was facilitated by the Rachel's Network's Board Placement Program, which matches environmental and social justice nonprofits with their talented membership of women environmental funders.
Frances Beinecke on the World We Create

Former NRDC President Frances Beinecke believes this is our moment on climate change. Right now farmers, college students, union members, environmental justice groups, business executives and countless others are pushing for climate solutions. Many are inspired to act by visionary women leaders. They are "unbowed," as Wangari Maathai would say, and they are calling for a more sustainable future.
Republican Women and the GOP Gender Gap

We need women on both sides of the aisle to advance policy, especially environmental policy. But the vast majority of women in Congress are Democrats; they outnumber Republican congresswomen three to one. Why is this and how can we address this gap? Rachel's Network has partnered with Political Parity to identify the challenges Republican women face when running in primary elections.