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April 2018  



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Spring Grants Process
The SEF Spring grants cycle is now underway, with 44 teacher and district grant requests now under consideration by the Elementary and Middle/High School grants committees. The committees will vote on each grant and make funding recommendations to the SEF board. The SEF board will then have a final vote before presenting the approved grants to the Summit Board of Education at its mid-May meeting. We look forward to announcing the Spring grants in late-May, so please stay tuned! For a visual of the SEF grants process, click here.

Summit Educational Foundation Wins "Outstanding Education Foundation" Award
From New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership

We are thrilled to announce the  Summit Educational Foundation  was selected as the first  "Outstanding Education Foundation" by the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership. SEF received this award based on its longstanding and significant financial support to Summit Public Schools.  "SEF's  comprehensive grants, community outreach and involvement have demonstrated a
commitment that reached beyond the classroom walls, impacting the community and district in a multi-faceted approach," were the opening remarks of the Event Chair who went on to highlight many of SEF's historical successes and accomplishments, as well as read some of the letter of support from Superintendent Chang.  Six of our twenty-one Board members attended a luncheon on April 20, 2018 to receive the award.  

SEF Board Members pictured from left:  Sue Thatch, Diana Sajer, Irene Murdock, Key Michel, Beth Sharpe.  Photo by Christine Murray.


 WE WANT YOU TO TELL us at and tell us your story.  We want to share your stories!  Here is one we love:

A new Franklin mom saw the impact SEF makes on Summit schools on her daughter's first day of school.   In a beautiful and  heart-felt note that she wrote to the SEF Board, she told us,  "I received a brief introduction to the type of resources the Summit Educational Foundation makes available to the schools.  Ms. Albanese very matter-of-factly explained that the voice projector that she used in the classroom was made available to her after she requested it via a grant from SEF.  I immediately considered how this device would help my daughter (and many other children) in the classroom.  It was also incredibly clear that the SEF encourages all members of Summit's school system to think outside the box, about ways to teach to all different types of learners, and to enrich the education al experience of all Summit students."  We were touched by this note and grateful for their donation.
Together, we can make possible a reality.