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Meet the Cat Crew

Our PawsPartners Center provides a safe, home-like setting for rescued cats. But new places can be scary for less confident kitties. That's where our Cat Crew comes in. These dedicated volunteers spend many hours every day socializing shy cats, spotting health concerns and behavior issues, and working to get to know each cat so that we can find the best home. A-PAL and all of our adoptable felines are fortunate to have this amazing team working behind the scenes to get our furry friends ready for their forever families. 

Pictured (from left): Kathy Thomas, Nina Ratto, Jean Bell, Erika Keyser and Kathy Schmidt.

Your Donations Save Lives

Axel's New Lease

This big, lovable cat was brought in as a stray, unneutered and living with a rare and painful condition known as entropion eye. Axel's eyelids turned inward, which meant his eyelashes and skin were constantly rubbing against the eye's surface. Despite his obvious discomfort, Axel was friendly and patient with our staff. We arranged for Axel to be neutered and also have eyelid tuck surgery. He is recovering well and will be ready for his forever home soon. Axel's lifesaving eye surgery was only possible thanks to generous donations from our supporters. Learn more.

Answered Prayers for Alfred

The perfect home for our adoptable animals is always out there. We just need to find it. In the case of Alfred, his new family found us. Alfred was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, also known as wobbly cat  syndrome. It's a condition in which the part of the brain responsible for coordination and balance fails to develop properly, resulting in an unsteady gait. The Cat Crew worked miracles getting Alfred comfortable with people, but with his medical condition, his prospects for finding a home were limited. Then one day Tracy and her son came to A-PAL asking for the least adoptable cat. Once they saw Alfred, they were smitten. Alfred's back legs wobble, but he has no trouble getting to the litter box, food and water dishes, and into the bed to sleep with his new owner, who adores him. Some things are just meant to be.

Hold It!

If you're considering making a donation to A-PAL Humane Society, we are asking you to wait until Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29), when a portion of your donation will be matched by funds from Amador Community Foundation. 

Here are a few ways to participate:

  • Mail a check dated 11-29-22 and made payable to Amador Community Foundation to: 12360 Trade Center Drive, Jackson, CA, 95642. Be sure and add A-PAL Humane Society to the notes line on the check.
  • On Giving Tuesday, go to Giveamador.org and choose A-PAL as your charity, or text Apal40 to 44321.
  • Online and text donations will only qualify for matching funds when made on 11/29/22.  

Save the Date for Santa

Join us Saturday, December 3, for Santa Paws at our PawsPartners Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For just a $5 donation, participants will receive a festive photo and holiday card (with envelopes). You may have your photo taken with or without Santa, and we welcome pets and children. Call 209-223-0410 if you have questions.


A-PAL Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported solely by donations; 100 percent of donations are used for the benefit of the animals in Amador County.


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