Voices of our Volunteers: 
Culturelink Donation Centre for Syrian Refugees
Do you want to help others, make friends, and feel great? Here's how I'm doing it:

As soon as I learned that Canada was welcoming Syrian refugees, I knew I had to help. I went online to learn how I could be a part of this. I found the CultureLink website where I learned about their clothing drive and donation distribution centre. It sounded like the perfect place for me, and it is. The staff and volunteers at CultureLink are diverse, friendly, and hardworking. They are really fun to work with. I've found my niche in the storage room, where I can sort the donations and help to restock. Whenever I work in the distribution centre with the others, there is always lots of chatting and laughter. Socializing is an important part of the experience. The best part, however, is seeing the generosity of Torontonians toward our new community members and seeing the smiles on the faces the refugees, especially the children. I am always happy when I'm there and the feeling lasts. I also get a great workout!  Being part of a team working together to help others is an amazing feeling. Thank you, CultureLink.

Elizabeth Rooney
Kortright Centre Trip Maple Syrup Festival
SWIS Program and St. Mary's Multicultural Club

SWIS program and St. Mary's Multicultural Club  recently visited the Kortright Centre to take part in the  Maple Syrup Festival. The students were able to participate in the programs offered by the centre. Many of the students in the club are new Canadians and the da y was a great oppo rtunity to expand the ir understanding o f Canadian traditions. They enjoyed Pancakes with  fresh maple syrup, participated in a guided tour of the centre and were able to have a taste of fresh sugar water.  Everyone had a great time.
Global Roots New Season 2016 
On Apr 25, we started our 2016 season with a blast!  
We started off the session by welcoming everyone with coffee and fresh baked apple and walnut muffins (recipe from The Stop. Check out other awesome recipes  here ), followed by a breathing and stretching warm up session led by CultureLink staff, Dora. 

The seniors for the various cultural gardens couldn't wait to get into it. We planted some bitter gourd seeds in the greenhouse, and everyone got their fingers right into the dirt. We weeded and fertilized, and got the plots ready for seeding and planting of seedlings.
Global Roots new season 2016 

Global Roots is an intergenerational gardening program by The Stop Community Food Centre and CultureLink to connect newcomer youth and seniors through activities like gardening, learning about food and food equity issues.   Learn More

CultureLink Cycling Program Recognized at Ontario Bike Summit
CultureLink was recently honoured with the 2016 Wheels of Change Award by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition, the provincial organization representing cyclists and advocating for safe streets.  Thank you Share the Road!

Share the Road recognized CultureLink especially for the Bike Host program for newcomers, and our Bike to School Project, both of which are expanding this spring. Our new Bike to School program worker, Chantelle Campbell-Sholzbergm and our team of dedicated Cycling Educators have an ambitious goal of reaching 6,000 students before end of June. Meanwhile, we are involved with Scarborough Cycles, an exciting initiative to create two new "bike hubs" offering access to bikes and services. Our popular Bike Host program will be offered at the Scarborough Cycles hubs, and also in East York in collaboration with the South Riverdale Community Health Centre. Welcome to Vivien Leong, our new Bike Host program worker who will work alongside Rubeen Chauhan from CCMP.
CultureLink's cycling programs are offered in collaboration with Cycle Toronto and the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank. Scarborough Cycles is a project led by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation.

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