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New Canadian Life Radio -  
in partnership with CJRU The Scope at Ryerson  
New Canadian Life Radio (NCLR), a new partnership between CJRU The Scope at Ryerson and CultureLink, has been approved for funding! The project will deliver 15 weeks of workshops in Radio Production and Programming geared towards new immigrants and refugees. Participants will learn audio production, music use, Foley, sound effects, voice and presentation skills. Most importantly, participants will have an opportunity to interview and engage with diverse populations in Toronto such as local politicians, musicians, activists and business leaders.
Skating with Elvis Stojko at the Welcome to Canada Party
The weather could not have been more cooperative; the people could not have been more friendly. For welcoming our new neighbours, nothing is more Canadian than a skating party and, when it comes to teaching skating, few in the world are more qualified than Elvis Stojko, three-time world champion figure skater. This was the scene at the "Welcome to Canada" skating party co-organized by The Second Cup Ltd. and CultureLink on Saturday Feb. 20, 2016 at Harbourfront. For the 135 Syrian refugees and 48 other newcomers that CultureLink brought to the party, it was almost too good to be true .
Roma - Networking for the Community 
The Roma minority in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia are frequent stereotyped negatively as somehow "problematic" by the majority. This has led to the formation of social distances between the majority and the minority. It is of course associated with xenophobia, the result is often a conflict.  Many agencies are beginning to respond to this situation and developing services in connection with the needs of this community.  Read more
Upcoming  Events - Get Involved!
  International Women's Day Celebration March 8th 1:00 - 4:00 pm - see the flyer 
  Newcomer youth making cultural connections - learn more at  CultureLink Youth Talks Blog
  Get Sharp for Youth - Self-esteem, Health Appreciation and Respect find flyer here
Recap of Recent Events
Youth Sock Monkey Event
Watch this video.  
On February 4th Sankofa Newcomer Youth
Centre Drop-in craft activities making sock monkeys for Refugees.

Lunar New Year
May the Year of the Fire Monkey brings you and your loved ones the pinkest of health, overflowing wealth, strengthened harmony, and endless squeals of happiness !! 恭喜恭喜! Read more

Group Sponsored Tibetans
Since December 2013,
close to 1000 displaced Tibetans from India have arrived to live in Canada as a part of group sponsorships.   Read more
Youth Recreation Club at Runnymede CI!
CultureLink is running an exciting Youth Recreation Club at Runnymede C.I. So far the Club has registered 90 RCI students! The response from both boys and girls has been very positive. The girls played basketball, went on a skating trip and also participated in a number of dance workshops led by dance teachers in various styles. The boys have been playing soccer, basketball and ultimate Frisbee. More information.