Greetings CultureLink Community,
The leaves have turned colour and our long summer of 2017 has come to an end. Fall is the season when we hold our AGM and celebrate the year that was and look forward to the year that is to come. We welcome new members to the Board, a new location and our new  website.
Working Together - Inter-Generational Storytelling
by Nour Abu-Shaaban
"Youth in Arts" and CultureLink's Senior's program has worked together every week on a youth-lead project, The Inter-Generational Story Telling. In partnership with the Toronto Reference Library, youth and seniors have met weekly in the evenings and have received training on different video editing software to improve their skills with digital technology. In addition, the youth have been interviewing the seniors on their personal journeys, accomplishments and struggles with different immigration barriers. "Youth in Arts" participants have come up with unique questions to ask the seniors and have given themselves roles in editing, interviewing, producing and directing. Our Thursday evening program at the Toronto Reference Library has provided meaningful opportunities for young people to engage in their communities, explore their talents in the digital skills field, and build their capacity to think critically, problem solve and make decisions. Please join us on Thursday, December 14th, 2017, for our big celebration to exhibit and present each video to staff, family and friends, that CultureLink's Seniors and "Youth in Arts" group has worked so hard on evenings and weekends to produce!
CultureLink Launches New Website
CultureLink launched our new website at, at this year's AGM on October 26. In addition to modernizing the site, CultureLink wanted to reconfigure the website to ensure it was more accessible to service users, to reduce the number of clicks, to create a protocol that makes specific staff responsible for content, to leverage our newsletter to keep it up-to-date, to showcase our accomplishments and to make our events more visible.
Hospitality Graduates Bring Own Food to Celebrate First Graduation
If there's one thing Syrians know, it's how to make delicious food! This group is the first cohort to come through this new program which helps them to learn job-related terminology regarding the hospitality sector. From here, graduates go on to the Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC) and for most, jobs! We're very excited to be able to offer our clients this great opportunity. Many thanks to Ghazal and her team at HWTC!
Upcoming  Events - Get Involved!
Thursday December 14, 5pm. CultureLink's Seniors and Youth in Arts Group invites you to their celebration of their Intergenerational Story Telling Project at CultureLink's Main Office at 2340 Dundas Street West, Suite 301.

Friday November 17. Community Connections Mentorship Program is looking forward to working to our speed mentoring event with Deloitte.  Please email or phone Tanya to register at or 416-588-6288, x 210.

Our Labour Market Assessment program provides employment advice on an ongoing basis. Please contact Laura at 416-588-6288, X215 or Warda at 416-588-6288, X209 to book a consultation.
Recap of Recent Events
CultureLink AGM & LSP Day
Close to 200 people attended our AGM/LSP Day celebrations on October 26th. Good food, entertainment, website launch and an inspiring speech by Keynote Speaker Citizenship Judge Albert Wong were the featured events of the day.

Congratulations Amina!
Amina Yassin-Omar is the new Manager, Community Services at CultureLink. Amina will be responsible for the new centre and all children, youth, seniors and community development programs as well as resource development initiatives.

SWIS Takes ESL Students 
to Niagara Falls
Last month ESL students at Bishop Marroco/Thomas Merton School visited Niagara Falls.For most students it was the first time to visit the 8th wonder of the world.

Global Roots Program Ends Amazing Year
by Zarina Butt
The end of October marks the end of the amazing Global Roots program. This is an intergenerational program that is put on by The Stop Community Food Centre and the participants from three amazing CultureLink programs: Sankofa Youth, Youth in Action and the Seniors Program. This week we celebrated an amazing year of fun and hard work with our Harvest Party. We enjoyed fantastic pot-luck food, games (apple-bobbing and a pinata) , music and the company of all of our wonderful participants. Click for more information.