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In this Issue:

  • Heads Without Beds: Leaders Edition
  • Coming soon: Furniture thrift store
  • Why furniture matters - impact story
  • Home Again + Newbornlander collaboration
  • Welcome newest Dreamers!

Introducing Heads Without Beds: Leaders Edition

We recently launched the first-ever Heads Without Beds: Leaders Edition campaign. Building on the engagement and success we experienced with our community Heads Without Beds campaign over the years, this edition brings together inspiring community & business leaders to raise awareness and funds to support the free delivery of beds, sofas, tables and other furnishings to families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. By sleeping without their bed for just one night and finding sponsors to support their efforts, participants are helping to ensure others in our region won’t have to do without. Every head deserves a bed.


Attention thrift shoppers: furniture & decor community market coming soon!

We're grateful to anyone who thinks of Home Again when they are parting with their furniture. Sometimes, certain furniture pieces may not be suitable for our clients given its size, practicality or purpose, and because of this we can't accept it. Until now! To offer more convenience to our donors by accepting all of their furniture, while working toward the self-sustainability of Home Again, we'll be opening the doors to a three-month pilot project in the form of a furniture & decor thrift store. This social enterprise will not only support the work of Home Again, it will provide employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities and allow us to partner with other groups and organizations. Stay close to our social media channels to get updates on the timing of the launch.

Why furniture matters

We love receiving notes like this from furniture recipients - thank you to this Dad for sharing!


Good afternoon,

I wanted to reach out and say thanks very much for the couch, arm chair and kitchen table. I had none of these items and now I can sit with my kiddos for supper. I can also enjoy a movie or some quality time now there is room to sit in the living room. I did not have any of these things. I had to throw out a loveseat that finally broke apart. 

I was referred to you from the Single Parent Association. 

I am grateful and appreciative for the help... 

From a Single Dad

Home Again + Newbornlander collaborate for a cause

This 100% local collaboration gives us the warm and fuzzies! Your purchase of Newbornlander's handmade Come Home Blanket will support families and individuals in need with 25% of each sale going to Home Again. The artwork on this adorable baby blanket is by The Quilted Stash and represents the famous jellybean row houses of St. John's! This eco-friendly blanket can be a perfect gift and souvenir for your precious little ones this Fall and Winter.


Welcome new Dreamers!

We are so thankful to each and every one of our Dreamers, and thrilled to welcome those who joined our community of monthly donors throughout June 2022. Because of you, more people in our region will have a bed to sleep in, a table to share a meal around and a sofa to relax on. Your sustaining monthly donations make a life-changing difference. We also want to thank Sold by Stokes for supporting our Dreamers campaign. They committed to contributing $1,000 to furnish even more homes if we reached our goal of welcoming 10 new Dreamers in the month of June. We are so pleased to say that we exceeded that goal by 7 Dreamers! We're a part of an incredible community and so grateful for that. Our Dreamers and more about the program can be found below:

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