October 2017 - Issue 4
A Labor of Love Fundraiser

On September 9, we held this year's annual fundraiser, Cat's Amoré, at the Sierra View Country Club in Roseville. Thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, attendees and a lot of hard work by our volunteers, this year's event was a huge success! Everyone had a great time enjoying the Italian buffet, dancing, playing casino games, bidding on silent auction items and taking a chance on over 40 great raffle prizes.

We depend on the income from this event to keep our doors open and costs down for our clients. With two new major clients this year, Placer SPCA and the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter, our kitten intake numbers and costs increased dramatically, so the success of this event was imperative to keep up with the demand for foster homes. We simply could not continue our mission without all of you.

Thank You!
Lending a Helping Hand to the Community
Here at Kitten Central, we don't just foster, we also try to reach out to help community cats in special circumstances whenever we can. Two years ago, we started our feral cat program where we encourage the community to try to trap and bring in feral mothers with their kittens whenever possible. This way they can be spayed and vaccinated before being returned to their colonies, stopping the cycle of unwanted kittens. The kittens are put through our regular medical protocol and then put up for adoption.
In 2014, Good Samaritan Chrissy had noticed a little stray orange cat on her postal route in Corning, CA. This little cat had a badly infected eye that needed immediate medical attention, so Chrissy put out a desperate plea for help on Facebook and Kitten Central responded and met Chrissy to pick her up.

We lovingly named her "Wink" and she was so sweet, she soon became a favorite at Kitten Central. Wink's eye could not be saved, so it was removed to prevent any further infections or pain. Upon completion of the Kitten Central full medical protocol, Wink was adopted by one of our medical team volunteers, Susan Firchau and was renamed Sheila. Having only one eye hasn't slowed her down one bit, she is a normal playful kitty, loving life in her new home.
Last week, three years later, Chrissy noticed a black feral cat on her route in desperate need of help. She could see he also had a badly infected eye. Everyday while delivering mail, he seemed to be begging Chrissy for help, so she decided to reach out to Kitten Central, where she had received help before.

Kitten Central agreed to help and met Chrissy in Yuba City to pickup the kitty now known as Pirate. On October 9, Pirate was taken to Animal Spay and Neuter in Auburn and received a complete medical workup. His infected eye was removed, he was neutered, fully vaccinated, tested negative for Feline Leukemia, Heartworm and FIV and treated for fleas.

Pirate is currently recovering at Kitten Central and will be returned to his colony when healed. Feral cats have not been socialized with humans and are not adoptable, but they can live full happy, healthy lives outdoors with their colony. Pirate will no longer be in pain and we are sure he is going to be just fine. After all, he's still on Chrissy's mail route.
Kitten Central is accepting donations to cover Pirate's medical expenses.
If you'd like to help Pirate, please donate below.
Lydia - We Never Give Up

 Here at Kitten Central, we never give up on a kitten. As long as they want to fight to live and there is a chance for a life with quality and love, we fight with them. We do whatever is needed to give them the best life possible with all the love they deserve.

Meet Lydia. She was only 8 days old and critical when she came to Kitten Central. She had no use of her back legs, but we did observe an occasional twitch. The fact there was some movement, ever so slight, gave us hope that with special care and rehabilitation, she may obtain some use of them. So one of our special needs foster moms, Tina Anderson, immediately stepped up and took her home. With daily physical therapy, Tina continues to see improvement. After only 2 weeks Lydia managed to stand up on her own for a few seconds, and Tina cried with joy. Four weeks after that, she started pulling herself with her front legs and her little back legs wiggle like a frog to push her forward.

Now that Lydia is stabilized, she will be going to see one of our medical partners, Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital , for x-rays and a complete medical plan going forward. Lydia still has a long way to go and her legs may eventually require surgery, but we are inspired by her progress and hopeful she has a very bright future ahead of her. Follow us on Facebook for updates.