Newsletter - January 2019
Saving Cats in Paradise - Lending a Helping Hand
Base Camp Pentz Road. Kitten Central has been making deliveries of donated supplies to Base Camp Pentz Road, a group of four amazing women in Paradise saving cats. They have been trapping in locations requested by owners that had to leave their cats behind and holding the ones that nobody has claimed until the Paradise shelter has room. The shelter is full due to extended holding periods to allow owners time to find their pets, but adoptions are set to begin January 19.

This dedicated group of individuals are working in deplorable conditions. They are set up in a small building that didn't burn down, in the middle of a burned out trailer park. They are surrounded by three feet of fire debris, animal death and the cold. Most of the supplies are outside in the elements, with only tarps to cover them. The small room they have for an office is bursting at the seams. Tracy, one of the volunteers, lost everything and is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The water is trucked in and they have a port-a-potty. The situation there, as well as the welfare of the cats still on the hill, is dire.

Donation Drive. This operation will be going on for months; and as long as these ladies need help, Kitten Central will be there. Storage space is extremely limited, so we will be posting detailed lists of the supplies they need and have room to store. Please watch for weekly updates on our Facebook page and our website. Donations can be dropped off at Kitten Central and we will deliver them weekly. Please help if you can and share with friends and family to help us get the word out. Thank You!
Surrounded By Devastation
Tracy, Sunel, Heather and Suzie
Storage Outside in the Elements
Fostering Fire Victims for UC Davis. Meet "Dusty". He was a fire kitty and was at UC Davis for weeks. He was burned all over; his ears, eyes, feet, hocks, belly, face and eyelids. Dusty had a couple of surgeries to have six toes amputated and then he needed eye surgery. He is microchipped but there is no registered owner. If that wasn't enough, he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Working with UC Davis, Dusty came to Kitten Central for recovery and rest . He was under the care of Jill Byerrum, our RVT, and the volunteers here at Kitten Central for six weeks. This sweet boy needs one more surgery to be neutered, and then he's off to find his new forever home!
Expanding Our Reach Through Collaboration & Partnerships

Dr. Tiva Hoshizaki and Alyssa Solano, from San Jose Animal Services, contacted Kitten Central to see what we do and learn about our medical fostering program and medical protocols. Dr. Hoshizaki also sits on the Board of Directors of a private rescue called Mini Cat Town. This small organization of three sisters Thi Bui, Tram Bui, Thoa Bui and Kenji Warren, are working with Animal Services to save neonate kittens in San Jose. This group was able to rescue 80 kittens from Animal Services last year and feel they are now ready to expand their services through the addition of foster homes to save more lives in 2019.

We hosted a meeting here at Kitten Central on January 7th. We gave them a tour, shared our procedures, medical protocols and explained how we recruit, train and manage multiple foster homes. We learned so much from each other and look forward to following their journey this coming year.
UC Davis Research Studies

Last year Kitten Central was very honored to be asked by UC Davis to participate in a research study of incubators in the development of neonate kittens. They were so impressed with our medical fostering program and performance in that study, that they invited us back again this year for a new study on kitten eye disorders. We are very proud to be part of such an important collaborate research effort to improve the lives of these fragile little kittens and improve survival rates.
Moving Forward for 2019

Every year we are growing and seeking new partnerships with others in the field of rescue and veterinary medicine to help save more lives.

A monthly donation of even $10 a month will not only help us ensure the day-to-day operations of caring for the kittens will be covered, but it is essential for planning for future growth and improved services with income we can count on.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor to Kitten Central this year by setting up a direct monthly payment from your bank or a monthly donation through PayPal . You can cancel at any time.

Together We Can
Change the Future!