Newsletter - November 2018
The Black Cat Blast Fundraiser - Success!

On October 27, we held this year's annual fundraiser, the Black Cat Bash at the Rocklin Event Center in Rocklin. Thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, attendees and a lot of hard work by our volunteers, this year's event sold out and was a huge success! Everyone had a great time enjoying the gourmet dinner, live music, dancing, photo booth, costume contest, fortune tellers, casino games, bidding on silent auction items and cakes, the wine pull, taking a chance on over 50 great raffle prizes and let's not forget visiting with the Kitten Central kittens!

We depend on the income from this event to keep our doors open and costs down for our clients, so even small rescues can afford to send their kittens our way instead of euthanizing them due to lack of the resources required for the 24/7 medical care we offer. So the success of this event was imperative to keep up with the demand for foster homes. We simply could not continue our mission without all of you.

Start getting your costume ready now and buy your tickets early next year.
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This is Kitten Central - Special Needs Are Our Speciality
Meet Layla. Layla came to Kitten Central at 3 weeks old and only 8 oz. She came to us in critical condition with an upper respiratory infection, critical eye infections in both eyes, a wound on her head and neck from a dog bite and possible ringworm. Based on our experience and success with treating critical neonate kittens, Dr Karen Vernau from UC Davis, requested we intake her.  

Layla was in intensive care for weeks as she received nebulizer treatments, multiple medications several times a day along with soaking her eyes with soft warm compresses to help with pain control. As the days turned into weeks, deeply imbedded fox tails surfaced from her eyes every few days which were extracted. "
Once Layla was stabilized, she was transferred into foster care with Pat Phillips for ongoing care, but she still was not out of the woods. In spite of all our efforts, it was determined that Layla came to us already blind in both eyes and they could not be saved. On October 31, one of our medical partners, the Animal Spay Neuter clinic in Auburn performed surgery to remove both eyes. Cleaning out the orbs and closing them up would eliminate both pain and chances of future infections. 

Layla is now a happy, healthy kitten that enjoys cat trees, noisy toys and just mastered the stairs. She doesn't even know she is blind (and we aren't going to tell her). Layla captured the heart of her foster mom so much so that Pat has decided to adopt her and give her a forever home.
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