Greetings New Song! 
First things first; I miss you guys! All of you. Each and every one of you. I miss your smiles, hugs and handshakes. I miss you.

Please know that several folks in our community are struggling with health and employment issues. I'm not at liberty to share all their names, but please hold them in your prayers. I'm sure God will know who you're praying for!

I'm so proud of our faith community. We haven't allowed our "locked down, touch-me-not" world to keep us from providing food, housing, and support to those who've needed it most.

I'm also grateful for the faithfulness of our folks who continue to worship with us via "Worship At home." To date, we're averaging well over 60 views each week.

I look forward to the time when we can all worship together in person, but I'm also cognizant that public worship will need to be drastically different from what we've known. I'm still trying to envision worship without singing and without dipping the bread in the cup!

Stay in touch - I am here if you need me!



  • Couch Outreach continues as our means for helping others without leaving our own homes. In recent weeks, we have continued to assist Tent Mission STL and provided Pizza to the night shift of the Emergency Department at St. Joseph's Hospital in St. Charles. We are also pleased to announce that we will be offering rent & utility assistance to a family whose young daughter has a rare cancer.  Our financial assistance the next 3 months will help with expenses while mom takes time off from work to attend to her daughter as she goes through treatment. 
  • Couch Outreach is possible because of your generosity. We are currently in need of donations to replenish our funds. To see the many ways we are reaching out, please take a look at our Couch Outreach page on Facebook.  And to donate go to our website,, where you can give your New Song offering and contribute to our outreach funds.
  • Sadly, the St.Charles Pride Fest, scheduled for October 3 has been cancelled due to the pandemic.  We have been in touch with the organizers and they are looking forward to 2021.  
  • Coming in September:  Another women's book discussion!  Please think about joining us as we explore ways to become anti-racist and learn more about opportunities to create equity and justice in our world.  Contact Twila for more info.
  • We are asking for your help in building a more relevant presence on Facebook.  If you are on FB, please take a look at our page, New Song Church, St. Louis, hit the like button on a post or two, make some comments, ask some questions!  Facebook is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch until we meet again in person.
  • Priming the Pump is available at Pumps & Prayers.  Please head over and take a look!
We have survived 5+ months of pandemic! How are you doing? Have you celebrated any milestones?  Are the kids back in school?  If you have a picture or two of you and your family and how you've been spending your time, please send it to and we'll include them in the next update.

These are hard times. God calls us to love and to stay on the side of the oppressed. 

Above all,
Keep fighting for justice so there can be peace
Keep being a light in this world full of darkness
Keep working for a better future for our children
Keep praying with your hands and feet

Wash your hands! Wear your mask! Social distance!

And don't forget to tune in each Saturday night for Worship at Home!