Dear New Song Family & Friends,

I know this goes without saying...but life in the year 2020 has not been what we'd imagined.  We remain in uncertain times, and we continue to travel through uncharted territory. 

It's still unsafe to gather for public worship.  
our space is small
we have lots of children who would not social distance
we have lots of elderly people (like me) who are at risk
singing would not be allowed

I continue to produce 'New Song Worship @ Home' every Saturday.  I know this isn't as helpful as worship will all of us in the chapel . . . but at least you can turn me off!  Find those videos on New Song's facebook page, New Song Church, St. Louis, or in your email inbox each week.

I remain open to meeting in person with any of our folks who would like to do so.  We can get a cup of coffee or a cold soda at an outside table and still maintain a safe distance.  Just let me know.  And please keep me updated via messages and email as to how you and your family are doing!

For over a decade now, New Song has done "church" in a non-traditional manner.  We have a rich past and a promising future.  Please continue to support our ministry financially, prayerfully, and optimistically. Our best days are before us!

Blessings to you all, 



  • Couch Outreach continues as our means for helping others without leaving our own homes. In recent weeks, we have financially assisted Tent Mission STL, A Red Circle, PotBangerz Feed the Body Mission, and provided bottled waters to outreach workers to give to unhoused folks. We were also able to take a car load of donated produce to a food pantry located at Trinity Episcopal in the CWE. These efforts are supported by your extra donations to Couch Outreach. We also have a fund used to assist our own church family when the need arises.  Please donate at our website:
  • Pam Jennings and helpers have produced two videos for sharing with our younger kids . . . and have even included some cute clips of our own New Song superkids. If you haven't viewed them yet, check your email or contact Pam.
  • Rex and Sally have started zoom meetings with our New Song Youth, and plan to continue doing so every few weeks. These kids will be helping to spread the word about New Song's love for everyone at the upcoming St.Charles Pride Fest on October 3. One of their ideas so far is to hand out rainbow colored candy at New Song's booth!
  • A New Song Women's group studying racism is in its 4th week of study. The book is "So You Want To Talk About Race" and is helpful as we all make the transition from being "not racist" to becoming actively "anti-racist." If you are interested in participating in future online studies about other topics, contact Twila.
  • Rex's personal writings, Priming the Pump, is now available at Pumps & Prayers.  Please head over and take a look!
What have you been doing during the pandemic? Are you caught up on Netflix? Is your garden growing? Have you biked or hiked? Learned to make bread? If you have a picture or two of you and your family and how you've been spending your time, please send it to and we'll include them in the next update.

These are hard times. God calls us to love and to stay on the side of the oppressed. 

Above all,
Keep fighting for justice so there can be peace
Keep being a light in this world full of darkness
Keep working for a better future for our children
Keep praying with your hands and feet

Wash your hands! Wear your mask! Social distance!

And don't forget to tune in each Saturday night for Worship at Home!