Worship This Sunday
July 3 - 10:30 a.m.

Matthew 15:21-28
Unravelling Race
Sermon by Pastor Dave

For those unable to join us in person, there will be a live videocast
 of the worship service at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.
Go to the church's website, or use one of the links below.

If you miss the live service, you can find it archived on YouTube.
Pastor's Note

I’m wondering if we can talk about race! This Sunday in worship I want to engage you in a conversation about race that will, I hope, continue and expand. What does our tradition teach and how does our faith call us when it comes to questions concerning race?

Especially on this Independence Day weekend, we do well to remember that in the very origins of the United States down to the present day, and for the foreseeable future, race matters! In our rich diversity and creative capacity as Americans, in the burdens of injustice that weigh us down and the barriers of prejudice that hold us back, in our religious, political, social, cultural and economic life, race matters.

So also in our witness as Christians in America, we must deal honestly with matters of race. And, most of us at Peace UCC being “white,” we need to begin with work that is incumbent upon white people, demythologizing our history, reckoning our place and our responsibility in a nation fundamentally shaped by preference for our race.

I’ll see you in church, in the sanctuary or online, this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Grace and Peace,

Pastor Dave
Outgoing Moderator Note
After a year as your Moderator, I’m pleased to be turning the job over to Maryse Postlewaite, who was elected to the post at last Sunday’s Annual Congregational Meeting. It’s all hers as of this Friday. I want to thank all who attended (both in person and via Zoom) for helping to make it both enjoyable and productive. We owe thanks to Jane Heyse and her loyal crew, who organized a great lunch (and cleaned up afterward). Thanks also to Roger Erickson and Aaron Abeyta for setup and cleanup of tables, chairs, screen, sound system and projector; and to Tom Postlewaite for running the Zoom portion of the meeting. Between Jane, Pastor Dave and Tom, we managed to count the votes, and Tony Augimeri ably recorded the outcome of our deliberations. There were many astute questions about the roof drain and fascia repair project, allowing us to be fully informed when voting.
My apologies to those who attended via Zoom for the appalling sound quality. We still don’t quite know how to connect the sound system to the PC. I’m hoping we can fix that by the next time we need to conduct a hybrid meeting.
For those who were not able to attend the meeting: we approved the budget as presented in the Annual Report; we approved a Fund Drive to pay for repairing the Sanctuary roof drains, gutter and fascia (and authorized Council to proceed to contract when funds are available); and we elected a new Moderator, Vice Moderator, Past Moderator, PPRC Chair, and At-large Council Member. From the Annual Report, you may remember that we did not identify a candidate for Vice Moderator – but we were delighted to be able to offer Lisa Hoesing for election at the meeting. We also added Jim Howley to the ballot as Chair of PPRC (somehow, despite all our cross-checking, we failed to notice that his 2-year term was expiring).
It was noted during the meeting that some households have not yet submitted new Pledge Forms for FY 2022/2023. Although many have been submitted and we are making good progress toward our forecast income from pledges, we are not there yet. Please remember that new forms are needed each year, even if you are just continuing without changes. Forms can be printed from the website or obtained from the office.
With gratitude,
Bill Walton
Stewardship Status
Members and friends who have financially supported Peace UCC and its Missions have already received our Stewardship invitation letter accompanied by a pledge form for the upcoming Church year, July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. As of this week, we have received multiple new pledge forms for the new Church year totaling nearly $140,000. Thank you to all who have already responded to our appeal.
I’d like to renew my appeal to all those who support and promote the Missions of Peace UCC. Won't you please also help the Church financially in this coming year? If you have pledged previously, please complete the pledge form for the new year and submit it to the Office as soon as possible, and in any case by June 21, so the Finance Committee and Council have time to total our planned giving and include that amount in our annual budget now being developed.
If you have not previously pledged financial support to the Church, I respectfully request that you prayerfully consider if your intellectual, moral, and emotional support of Peace UCC and its Missions might be supplemented by new financial support. If you can answer that question in the affirmative; please obtain, complete, and submit a new pledge form as soon as possible. Blank new pledge forms are available in Church Office. You may also download a pledge form from our website HERE
Thank you very much for your careful and prayerful consideration. All gifts in any amount are deeply appreciated and will go to the important work of this Church.
I wish for you abundant blessings.

Bob Lange, on behalf of the Stewardship Committee.
Vera Taylor Scholarship Applications

It’s time for scholarship applications. Is someone in your family applying for advanced study at a university or trade school?

Each year, the Vera Taylor Scholarship Committee at Peace United awards scholarships to members who meet the eligibility criteria and submit their applications for review no later than July 15,2022.

Grants are awarded for full-time students in community college, four-year colleges, graduate schools, and trade schools. Mini-grants are available for professional development and seminars related to our church mission with funding up to $450, based on a 50% contribution to the total cost).

Application forms can be obtained here: Vera Taylor Scholarship Application.

If you have questions about applying, contact Chris Wellens -Chris@Wellens.com.

Current Vera Taylor Committee members are Karen Cozza, Chris Wellens, and Katie Monsen. If you are interested in helping with this committee, we would welcome new members. Contact Chris Wellens or Karen Cozza - Kacozza@gmail.com
COPA Update


COPA held a successful candidate accountability session for the 3rd District County Supervisor primary on June 2nd . PUCC a founding institution of COPA hosted the session. Over 100 COPA leaders from local faith communities, non-profits, labor associations and health care providers attended the session. There were 15 folks from Peace.

Also attending were the 3 candidates for supervisor: Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson,
Justine Cummings and Ami Chen Mills. COPA leaders asked each candidate
whether or not they supported the COPA agenda that includes affordable housing
and health/mental care services for uninsured or underinsured community
members. All 3 candidates said that they support our agenda and pledged to work
with COPA on these issues. Most importantly, each candidate agreed that they
will attend a house meeting with our leaders - a public commitment to work with
us on these critical issues.

Later in summer and fall COPA will be having a house meeting campaign on these issues.

If you are interested in participating in a house meeting at PUCC please contact Ken Thomas 831 420-7422 or kenthomas@cruzio.com.
Have you heard?

Buildings and Grounds is currently negotiating with AT&T to install a new cell tower which would generate a new revenue source for PUCC. If negotiations are successful the installation would be similar to the old abandoned Metro PCS installation. Antennas would be placed close to the roof line on the south end of the Sanctuary building, ground equipment would be placed in a new new 13.5’ x 18’ concrete enclosed area located between northeast side of the Sanctuary and the entry driveway, and conduit for wires would connect the two.

If you are interested in more details contact Roger Bowers or Bill Walton.
Welcome Ryobi!

Please join Peace’s Buildings and Grounds landscapers in welcoming a new member to the team! All-electric, bright green, Ryobi the Mower is happy to have Bill Walton in its driver’s seat.

Roger Erickson and Roger Bowers are patiently waiting for their turn; Joyce and Jane hope the guys will eventually share the fun. Jan Graff, Driver Emeritus and generous donor, will be on call to advise on best practices in handling the beast. Ryobi will soon live in the shed formerly occupied by its gas-guzzling, outdated predecessor. Watch for it wandering the grounds on Fridays when the weeds are high!
Snacks for Sunday Socials

Sundays Peace Church offers Beverages and Snacks before and after our 10:30-11:30am worship. Friendly socializing builds community!

Use THIS LINK to sign up to bring a tasty and healthy snack item to one of our Sunday Socials. Each week we like to share baked goods, fresh fruit, and always something for those on low sugar and gluten free diets.

Second Sundays are special Birthday Month Celebrations, so bring special Birthday Treats!

Drop off in the kitchen anytime between 9:30 and 10:30am. THANK YOU!

Contact Jane Heyse, Sunday Kitchen Coordinator with questions: janeheyse831@gmail.com or 831-252-9247.
July Birthday Blessings
If you celebrate a July birthday, or just want some extra Sunday celebratory
time, join us Sunday, July 10th for Birthday Blessings during Worship,
and for cake and treats on the patio at 11:30am.
— produced with love by your Congregational Support

7/1 - Ella Blackburn, Nicolas Chambers
7/2 - Judy Burseth
7/3 - Kathy Fahl
7/4 - Dotty Chahbandour
7/5 - Kerry Skyles
7/6 - Laney Correa
7/8 - Charlee Rose Beck, James Bush
7/9 - Bonnie Ritchey, Janet Hansen, Sara Walsh, Michael Hinkel
7/10 - Heather Dillashaw, Dyann Munro
7/11 - Jonah Blackburn
7/13 - Christopher Ohlsen, Mark Safranek
7/15 - Anthony Bole, Gary Goss, Naomi Scott-Garson
7/16 - Greg Harrington, Madeleine Stober
7/17 - Chad Hoesing, Christian Barajas
7/19 - Brandon Aiono, Darlene Wilcox
7/20 - Erin Gilmore, Sam Rudolph
7/21 - Melody Taylor
7/23 - John Sackett
7/24 - Lisa Johnson
7/25 - Linda Garner, Kirra Spitz
7/26 - Rita Jones, Claire Grishaw-Jones
7/27 - Carol Roberts, Shannon Spencer
7/28 - Caryl Williamson, Amy Marlo 07/28
7/31 - Jeanne Faulkner
Come one. Come All. We’re going to make Chrismons!

Chrismons?! What are they? They are traditional symbols of Christ that we are going to make into beautiful ornaments for our sanctuary Christmas tree. 

It’s time to get started, and we invite you to come and help, any Wednesday afternoon, 3 to 5 pm in the Fireside Lounge. It takes no experience and all supplies are provided. It’s really going to be lots of fun!

For questions or any more information, contact Lisa Hoesing, lhoesing@earthlink.net.
Zentangle Club
July Meeting

This month Zentangle club meets on Tuesday night, July 5th from 6 to 7:30 pm.

We will enjoy working with white pen on black tiles, tangling an embedded letter.

Come and join us for some Zentangle inspired art fun. As usual the basic supplies will be provided, but you may wish to bring some colored pencils.

The Zentangle Club meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Peace UCC, 900 High St., in the fireside lounge. Please park in the upper parking lot.

For questions or any more information, contact Lisa Hoesing, lhoesing@earthlink.net.
Walking Women

We walk every week on Tuesday in different areas meeting at 8:30AM and walk for an hour.

Here was our neighborhood walk up the Meder street trail. We’re in front of a wall stating in flowers Happy Pride.

Contact me to join the group susietrip@gmail.com
Sunday School and Childcare
On Break For The Summer!

Please join us for a Children's Program planning session for next year. We will meet on August 21st at 12pm in the playground! Lunch will be provided. Details to follow.

For more information contact Elizabeth Schilling at kids@Peaceunited.org.
Star Spangled
Beach Cleanup
Tuesday, July 5th 10am
Natural Bridges
State Beach

It's time for another trip to the beach to enjoy and help preserve this beautiful part of God's creation together! 

Although most visitors to Natural Bridges are conscientious, inadvertent littering is especially likely to build up over a holiday. Fireworks in particular add to the debris, so the beach really needs an extra boost on July 5th. That's where we step in and make a difference, protecting what we love!

To join in the fun and service, please contact Lanakila (lanakila@lanakilamusic.com) to receive liability waivers that need to be filled out, and a parking pass for the morning. Bring sun protection, closed in shoes, and work gloves if you have them, like gardening gloves. We will meet in the dirt parking lot past the rangers' station by Lanakila's truck (white Toyota Tacoma with a covered bed).

Don Johnson Camp
Scholarship Funds

Summer is the time for Church Camps, and the Don Johnson Camp Scholarship was set up to help provide funds for the youth of our church to be able to experience the fun, faith and fellowship that can be experienced at church camp.

Our son, Don enjoyed church camp as both a camper, and later a counselor for many years. In his time at camp he developed lifelong friendships, and a deeper faith as he shared experiences with friends the he met there.

If you have a young person in your family who might enjoy this possibly lifechanging experience, contact Pastor Dave for more information about financial help with Church Camp funding.
Benefit Concert for Ukraine
Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 4pm
 Peace United Church of Christ

Mr. Khristenko has been praised for his emotional intensity, charismatic expression, “pallette of touches”, “solid” and “precise” technique by The New York Times

Program - Frederic Chopin: Four Ballades
Works by Ukrainian composers Boris Lyatoshinsky and Valentin Silverstrov

With your help, we can sell out this concert and donate over $45,000 to help Ukraine. Please consider purchasing a ticket or making a donation to this very worth cause.

We Want to Hear Your Voice
Sign Up to Be A Liturgist!

We would love to have you as a liturgist (reader) in one of our Sunday morning worship services. It's a wonderful way of serving!

Sign up for a Sunday to read live and in-the-flesh and we'll connect with you by e-mail on the Tuesday prior, sending all the information you'll need for getting ready.

If you'd like to give it a try, click on this link to choose a date.
Faith Community Shelter

The Faith Community Shelter has returned to Peace United Church on Sunday nights. St. Phillips will be hosting for the entire month of July!
You can sign up using this link, to provide some or all of the following:
  • Salad: one medium depth, 9x13 foil tray
  • Vegetable: one medium depth, 9x13 foil tray
  • Entrée: two medium depth, 9x13 foil trays
  • Whole Milk: one half gallon
  • Dessert: Only about 6 people take dessert unless it’s pie or ice cream, then we need 2 pies or ONLY 1 quart of ice cream.
  • The shelter is pretty much full again, so please plan on cooking for 15 plus any volunteers.
Good news! Six of our Faith Community Shelter guests now have steady rent support with Housing Authority vouchers. They haven't found places yet but we are actively looking. If you know someone who can help liberate these folks into their own place, do let us know! In the last three months, six former AFC guests have been able to move into their own place.
Here are the current Covid protocols we follow:
  • Please wear a mask at all times when you’re in the church building. If you’re in the kitchen or serving food, please wear gloves, which we’ll provide. 
  • Depending on your comfort level, your group can:
  1. Drop off the meal for us to serve;
  2. Come inside and serve the meal;
  3. Sit down with shelter members during dinner while remaining masked unless eating. 
  • All of our staff and shelter members are vaccinated. Volunteers are also required to be vaccinated.
  • If you’re sick (fever, cough, runny nose, etc.) or have been exposed to COVID, please stay home and if exposed we quarantine for 5 days.
For more information contact Lisa Johnson (lisajohnsonsantacruz@gmail.com)
Poetry at Peace
"Give me your tired, your poor"…is one of the well known lines from Emma Lazarus’ poem, The New Colossus. In reading the whole poem, we better understand those who have gone before us and the vision held as they arrived. How are we continuing to support the values and vision held by these ancestors? Many blessings for a wonderful holiday! 

The New Colossus
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

NOTE: During July, Poems at Peace will meet on Zoom, Thursdays at 9 am. while the Sunday morning group takes a brief summer break and will reconvene in August.

Many Blessings,
Bonnie Lange
bonniep357@gmail.com | 360.921.7629

 "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day,
if you listen carefully, you can hear her breathing." 
~ Arundhati Roy
10 Year AFC Program Summary
Safe Parking Program  
Since 2019, Safe Parking has been
provided for 352 people, with 
an average length of stay of 12 months
in 11 Faith parking lots and 1 City parking lot. 
Total of safe nights provided: 128,480
Program Manager, Joseph Jacobs 

Safe Showering Program 
Since 2018, AFC has provided free 
hot showers, soap & shampoo 
to our unhoused neighbors  
at up to 4 locations: 
Estimated number of showers provided: 17,600 

Program Manager, Steve Bare
Update on Women's
Re-entry Project!

The Women Reentry Project is an ongoing success. We received donations of gift cards, toiletries, clothes and money from members of Peace, Temple Beth El, Chadeish Yameinu, and Prophets of Hope supporters. With the amazing assistance of Jane Heyse and Calia Kammer we were able to provide 25 bags for the women. The bags included toiletries, sweatpants, bra, undies, socks, t-shirt and hoodie or jacket. Although we still have supplies, the jail has limited space for storage. We will provide more bags as needed. We will continue to fundraise and accept donations for this project.

Recently I met a woman who had received one of the bags. She was so grateful to have new clean clothes when she left jail.  

We did receive some toiletries and clothing which we could not include in the bags due to jail restrictions. I reached out to Monarch Services who provide emergency shelter for women leaving domestic violence situations. Due to an increase in domestic violence in our county, their supplies were running low. Monarch was so appreciative to receive these donations.

Thank you !!!
Prayers for Peace

God of mercy and healing,
you who hear the cries of those in need,
receive these requests of your people
that all who are troubled
may know peace, comfort, and courage.

This week, we ask for prayers of concern and celebration for:

  • The beginning of a new year for Peace United Church of Christ. Appreciation to all who contributed to last week’s congregational meeting. 
  • The many people with Covid. May they all heal quickly and with ease. 
  • Liz and Sebastian deFrancesco
  • Jessica, who died from a drug overdose, her father, John, and step mom, Sherry. 
  • Continuing prayers for the victims of war in the Ukraine.
  • As we enter our Independence day holiday, may we celebrate the freedoms we have AND
  • May we pray for those who feel the fear seeded with the recent decisions of the Supreme court; 

Life-giving God,
heal our lives,
that we may acknowledge your wonderful deeds
and offer you thanks from generation to generation
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Bonnie Lange
bonniep357@gmail.com | 360.921.7629

What About Masks?

Committed to caring for our neighbors and offering hospitality, we require that you wear a mask while indoors on the church campus. If you forget to bring your own, we have masks available in the sanctuary and in our meeting rooms and classrooms. Please remember that not everyone is vaccinated and that vaccines are not perfect protection against Covid. Wearing a mask is a sensible and easy way to inhibit the spread of this disease. Thank you for your kind consideration of the health and safety of our entire community at PUCC.
We Want Your Face!

Most of us cringe when we see ourselves in photos, but you probably have one photo that shows your face the way you would like other people to see it. We want that photo for our records! Pastor Dave especially is interested in having a pictorial record because there are so many of you he hasn't yet been able to meet in person.

Here's how you do it...please email Devon a digital photo of yourself and she will take care of the rest! Thank you. We look forward to "seeing" you soon.
Office Hours!

Some days we're on campus, some days we're remote, but 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, staff are attending to the business of our church office: monitoring e-mail, answering telephones and/or responding to messages, working on the dozens of different projects and connections that keep our ministry moving forward. As on-campus activities increase in the months ahead, so will our in-person presence in the church office, Monday through Thursday.

If you plan to come into the office, please call ahead to schedule a time when we know someone will be in to assist you. You can reach us by e-mail using the list below or by phone, 831-426-2010.

Pastor Dave works from the church office, Monday through Thursday, and most weeks will have office hours on Saturday too, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday is his day off. In case of emergency, the pastor is available by cell phone, 773-255-8095. If you would like to schedule a meeting or would like to "drop by", please contact us via email using this link to make an arrangement.
Small Groups and Ministries of Outreach
Use this link to find information about our various small groups and
ministries here at PUCC.
Peace UCC Facilities Calendar
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Our conference staff and the offices have
moved to a new address. The new address is
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