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Visit Theia at Automate & ISC West
Theia will exhibit at Automate in booth 9357, April 8-11 and showcase our family of lenses with patented

MY125M in Tele-Excavation
See how our technology is being used in remote excavation and may help to remove WWII munitions.

Receive a FREE SAMPLE of our wide angle no distortion lens when you're among the 1st 50 to TAKE OUR SURVEY at the Automate show!

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Meet our new ML610M lens!
We are proud to demo the  2/3" 4K NIR corrected varifocal lens at Automate!
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4k NIR Corrected Varifocal

Theia's new ML610M lens replaces up to 3 prime lenses
and provides 51-87 degrees HFOV on a 2/3" sensor, with 300lp/mm resolution and ~8┬Á shift in NIR for multi-spectral imaging. Vibration-resistant, weighing 70 grams in a compact 52x59mm envelope!

Learn about Theia's award winning SL1250 telephoto & SL410 4K Day/Night lenses
at ISC West, booth 5061.

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SL1250 at ~1000ft from gate
Theia's SL1250 lens is excellent for high detail applications like ITS/ANPR/LPR.  With only a 5micron focus shift, it maintains high resolution in NIR illumination too.
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