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April 7, 2020
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What's New? Catch up Time!
A New Website and Store
Everything gets old with time, our website was one of those things. After a lot of work and time we have published a new website and store. Take this opportunity to review any service bulletins that may not have been completed. If your still installing, the installation page has a lot of helpful information and videos to guide you. It is still being worked on daily, mostly our store, so if you don't see something, just reach out via phone or email so I can assist. officially has a new look!
2nd Annual Viking Engine Workshop a Success
We held our second annual Viking Engine Workshop and we truly enjoyed every second. Once we know when the next one will be help we will send updates through our website. It is a great opportunity for old, new and prospective customers to dig deep and ask questions and explore. There was also plenty of time for flying at the end of the workshop.
Healthy Bastards STOL Competition
Forever proud of our good friend Deane Philip all the way in New Zealand and his incredible STOL flying. He always makes us proud! The weather was less than ideal this year, but it wound up being a nice event for everyone involved. We can't wait until next year. For those that don't know Deane does some incredible back country flying and I highly encourage you to take a look at some of his videos, you can do so HERE
We Said Goodbye to the Super Cruzer!
Our Super Cruzer now has a new home in Texas! Everyone seems to know the Cruzer we modified a couple years back, from the tail to the gullwing and adding vortex generators, she performed like a dream and it was sad to see it fly off for the last time. Jan flew from Florida to Texas and dropped her off and below you can see that video and journey!
140 MPH Zenith from Florida to Texas
Speaking of Texas....Dropping off the Cruzer Wasn't Our First or Last Trip There!
Three times in the past couple months we have found ourselves in Texas. Once to deliver the Cruzer and than twice more for two separate on-site installations, something we just started offering and we expect to become more and more popular. The links for those will be below. It shows how the process works from beginning to end and some installation bits as well.
On- Site Installation Part 1 (Allan and Kathy)
On- Site Installation Part 2 (Allan and Kathy)
A couple months later we found ourselves in Texas again, but this time was a little different. We were going to replace an engine on a once flying airplane. Many have followed Dave and his build on Facebook and that can be found HERE , but ultimately he had an Azalea Aviation Corvair engine and unfortunately the crank broke, so that is where we came in. We sent the whole engine package within 24 hours and booked flights to go back to Texas! If you want to see more about that installation please watch the video below.
We Took the Zenith 750 SD to Georgia
There was a concert in Atlanta area in Georgia we had tickets for, so what a great reason to fly! We planned to arrive a bit early just in case weather got in the way, but it was a perfect flight to fly, explore and make a trip out of it!
Basic In-Flight Operations of a Viking Engine in the Zenith 750 SD
There has been plenty of time to fly, from the long trips to some local trips. Jan did a video recently showing basic in-flight operations of the Viking Engine in our Zenith.
The Viking Vlog
The Viking Vlog was created to use as an update from us to everyone, to show what happens here on a day to day basis and plans ahead. The goal is to post a video every week or so. Really just a fun way to get everyone in the know and to get an inside look at the craziness here at Viking. The first two Vlogs have been shown below if you haven't had the opportunity to see those as of yet.
Viking Talks Part 4
A Kitfox IV Installation with the Viking 90
Eric approached us some time ago from Aviator PPG, they do really cool powered paragliding and I highly recommend you taking a look at their website HERE . They are starting the covering process soon and we should get a nice update from them about the whole installation soon to add to our video below.

The smaller Kitfox aircraft was new to us with the Viking 90, we have used the Viking 130 and 110 in multiple Kitfox 6 and 7 prior. The Kitfox III and IV normally utilize the Rotax 582, with a low TBO people are starting to look for a replacement with 4-stroke reliability, and that is where we came in!
Customer Updates
Chet Lundy
Huge congratulations to Chet! Two incredibly exciting days - yesterday Chet received the Air Worthiness Certificate for the Zenith 650B powered by a Viking 130, he built! Awesome accomplishment. AND today was more exciting because Chet took off for his FIRST FLIGHT in it!!! Even better, he landed safely to tell the story.
Joe Pires

Joe is well known for flying others and showing them the world of gyrocopters. Pictured is his 119th passenger! He stopped in prior to catch up and give the engine a good inspection and that brief video is below for those that are interested!
Walter Tachiki
Walter Tachiki finished his Zenith 750 Cruzer and had his airworthiness certificate completed. Once weather approves, first flight is next. One thing that really stood out was the incredible paint job that gave it beautiful lines.
Don Schwanke
Dons' RV12 First Flight

“Today was an extremely happy day for me. As those who know me are aware, I took some aluminum, rivets, and an engine from a Honda Fit and built an airplane and registered it as Air Force 1. The proof of my skills came today when it flew for the first time. The photo shows it coming back in with all its parts still on it! Test pilot Nolton Beale reported it flew wonderfully!”

Jono Lind
Another Zenith SD with a Viking 195 Turbocharged engine. Jono is well on his way, we have a new inter cooler setup that is headed his way as well. He’s also gonna have that BadAss 5 blade DUC propeller on the front. More adventures ahead!
Kurt and Keith
Kurt and Keith have been working away since you last got a chance to see their RANS S20 with S21 metal wings. They have extended the wings and have actually moved the radiator inside the cowling, allowing for a streamlined look and faster cruise speeds. They are continually improving the airframe and the Viking 130 is proving itself to be superior in speeds, fuel burn and overall cost, reliability and efficiency.
Benny Butler
A Rans S21 with the Viking 130 making it one step closer to flying. We will post more progress as time goes on.

Watching a true homebuilder at work is always something fun to be a part of. He will be doing similar as our Rans S20 with metal wings and putting the radiator inside the cowling for less drag, quicker speeds and a cleaner look.
Bill Monroe
Sonex getting ready to fly. The Aerovee was removed and Viking 90 in its place. The owner wasn't comfortable flying and continuing the VW learning curve. Bill lives somewhat local, we are excited to see more and when we can do a little more socializing in the next few weeks we can give more updates and go do a "hangar call"
Rheal Compte
Rheal was able to get his first engine start recently! One step closer to flying is a wonderful feeling, we will update more once the first flight happens. Watch the video below!
Ricardo Ibarra
So cool story, Ricardo has a coffee farm that is over a 10 hour drive, due to mountains and obstacles. Flying will only take around 1.5 hours! That is some serious time saving! They just mounted their Viking Turbo on a Zenith 801! The turbo is going to be really helpful for flying over the mountains!
Doug Smith
Look at these awesome shots of Doug flying his Gyro! We had plans to go to Bensen Days this year, but now we are looking forward to next year even more!
Bill and Frank
Bill and Frank taking their Zenith 750 STOL with the Viking 130 Sightseeing.
" Frank and I took advantage of the good weather and flew from our home airport (2W6) to Kitty Hawk (FFA) and back. Flying to where the adventure of powered flight first happened is always special.
This was a great way to put the past couple of months of craziness out of mind...
Little known fact: Our Zenith CH-750 STOL Is named “Bookends” because I am the eldest of the 9Coopers and Frank is the youngest... we are the bookends...
Darrin Towers
With the help of some neighbors, Darrin and Lois mounted their Viking 130 in their Zenith 750.
Robert Fraser
A beautiful build by Robert Fraser of Canada - couldn't ask for a more unique paint job! One of the lighthouses shown is Sambro Island which is the oldest lighthouse in North America.
More updates and happenings...
Ivan working on a new project
Bob Hirko with the Viking 180T and Zenith SD
Samual in Puerto Rico almost ready to fly
A Jabiru getting a makeover in Australia
After 2 years John gets his first flight in the plane
Larry Zepp with some winter building
Ken up and going in his Sonex
Tom Neal taking a breakfast flight
Roger replacing a Jabiru in his Zenith 650!
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