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A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
I hope everyone survived the extreme heatwave that swept through Southern California in recent weeks! Living in Orange County for the past 25 years, I don’t remember ever feeling that close to the sun, but it did remind me of the summer days I experienced in Las Vegas for a short period of time during my childhood years. 
As many of you are already aware, Gigi Tsontos has resigned from her position in June and we are extremely grateful for her 5 years of service at WTLC. While our Board of Directors embarks on the process of searching for a new CEO, I am blessed to serve as the Interim CEO during this transition period. I’m here to serve you and our community. I would love to meet you (especially if you’ve read this far!) and hear your ideas on how you would like to get involved in ending the cycle of violence. Let’s have a conversation over coffee or come visit me at WTLC—  we have A/C. ;) 

With Appreciation,

Desiree: A Story of Addiction, Treatment and Recovery
Meet Desiree. Mom of 10. During her struggle with substance abuse and domestic violence, she was referred to WTLC for services during a weekly Case Management Team Meeting with the La Habra Family Resource Center. Like any parent striving to do better, Desiree fought hard to regain custody of her children. Although hesitant and feeling defeated, she enrolled in the Personal Empowerment Program (PEP), came to class with an open mind, and began to feel more confident. Just after a few weeks of attending PEP, Desiree knew it was time to share her story and was able to express her emotions in a safe and supportive space. 
Behind the Screens: Cyberbullying 
While we may often perceive bullying to be associated with school-aged children, the dynamics and effects of bullying are far-reaching and can be perpetuated by any individual attempting to establish a relationship of power and control over another person. 
Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying is an intentional behavior that is repeated and may grow increasingly more aggressive over time. There are several types of bullying, including verbal, such as teasing and name-calling; social bullying, including embarrassing someone in public or spreading rumors about someone; and physical, which includes hurting someone’s body or possessions.
Thank you to the Wilson W. Phelps Foundation!
With the introduction of WTLC’s Mobile Advocacy Program last year, Advocates are spending less time at their desks and more time in the field, meeting with survivors in the community. Thanks to a $20,000 technology grant from the Wilson W. Phelps Foundation, these community participants can access the same level of support as those staying in our shelter.
This funding has made it possible for WTLC to purchase a number of Chromebooks and begin transitioning our systems to the Cloud, allowing Advocates to perform intakes and provide services anywhere in the community, helping with resources and applications in real time.

These updates have been crucial to helping survivors access services supporting their recovery—thank you Wilson W. Phelps Foundation for your commitment to making recovery accessible to all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking!
Meet Our Team
Our Advancement Team works together to encourage a community-wide commitment to ending the cycle of violence and exploitation. This group of committed individuals works with survivors, teaching empowerment and parenting classes, facilitating support groups, and promoting awareness of available services. They additionally encourage community involvement in our mission through grant writing, investor development, and special events; and work to keep supporters, partners, and friends informed through regular reporting, data quality checks, and marketing efforts.

Top row: Kendra Blinde, Stephanie Faalave, Frank Lopez & Andrea Espino; Bottom row: Advocates Alyssa Reyes, Ana Chavez, and Diana Carachure
Not pictured: Alycia Capone and Sarah Rha
Dr. Brenda Garro at WTLC provides free mental health services to counseling participants twice a month.
WTLC Now Offering Free Psychiatric Services
Many survivors lack the financial resources to pay for much-needed health care services, including those affecting their mental health. That is why WTLC is expanding our mental health services by offering free psychiatric services to counseling participants. Through a partnership with St. Jude Medical Center, Brenda L. Garro, M.D., a physician who also happens to be board-certified in psychiatry – and bilingual, offers services to WTLC counseling participants twice a month. We are committed to creating innovative solutions to breaking down barriers that prevent survivors from reaching desperately needed services.
Save the Date: 3/4 Time Dueling Piano

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Time: 8-10pm
Location: 114 E. Amerige Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832

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