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January 2016
It's January 2016, and time for a brand new year. Not only do we celebrate Martin   Luther King Jr. Day, but January is also National Train Your Dog Month and Walk Your Pet Month. Plus, there are also other special pet holidays this month.
Jan. 2 - Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
Jan. 5 - National Bird Day
Jan. 29 - Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday 1929 

Dog Training is Fundamental: Get Started in the New Year

Did you know January is National Train Your Dog Month ? The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) began the campaign in 2010 and it's been a huge hit with dogs and their people ever since.
According to the APDT, January is the perfect month because many people have brought home dogs and puppies over the holiday season. Since it's the beginning of a new year, what better time than to train your new family member. It's a month dedicated "to bringing awareness to the importance of socialization and training, and most of all, to inform the public that training your dog can be easy and fun!"

Start the New Year on the Right Paw with Your Pet

Some people like to make resolutions and some don't. Like most things, it's a matter of personal choice. Some people make resolutions and follow through. Others fall through. But there's one thing we all want in the New Year, and that's to have a great one, possibly better than the previous year.
While we strive to have a better year for ourselves, we can also aim to do more for our pets. Maybe you didn't spend as much time last year as you would have liked with your pet. Maybe you and your pet need more playtime together. Maybe they need even more exercise...

Fashionable Faux Paw: Dress for Your Pet's Sake

Who doesn't love to play dress up? Some of our beloved pets love it, too. And even though it may not be Halloween, there's something more chic for your pets: National Dress Up Your Pet 
In support of our loving pets and the pet fashion industry, National Dress Up Your Pet Day was created and is celebrated every year on Jan. 14.
Not an official holiday, although some of us pet parents think it should be official, the holiday was established in 2009 by Colleen Paige, pet lifestyle expert and animal
Do you have a dog or cat who is styling? Loves new outfits? Does your dog love a great denim dress? How does your cat get creative with hats? As long as your pet is up for it, dressing up is a great way to bond and show off your furry family member.
Employee Spotlight:
Autumn Light, doggie day care attendant
There's a saying that you should love what you do in life, and Autumn Light does just that. "I love what I do," she says.

Who wouldn't love playing with dogs all day? Autumn loves that and she gets to do it every day of her work week. Her job involves working in the doggie daycare room where the dogs come and play together. She keeps a watchful eye to ensure everyone is playing fair and that all the dogs are safe.
"I feel like in daycare they come in as puppies and they grow into adults," Autumn says. "It's a great place that is safe for dogs to socialize and get proper stimulation while making bonds with other people and other dogs." She also likens it to a place that is peaceful for her while it involves a lot of fun and unconditional love. "I can walk in there with all those pups, and they make you feel better."
As far back as she can remember, Autumn has always had animals in her family. When she was in grade school her neighbor rescued cats and some dogs and would find them homes. She kept the ones for whom she couldn't find a permanent home. Autumn would help care for the cats and continues to help her neighbor to this day.
Today Autumn's own animal family includes Spirit, a red and white male Siberian husky; Rex, a male Australian shepherd/pit bull mix; Rain, a female cat; Kaos, a male frilled dragon; Skully, a male bearded dragon; and Calypso, a female snake.
Prior to joining Second Home Pet Resort about five and half years ago, Autumn worked at a veterinary clinic where she worked in boarding and also learned a lot about the medical side of the business.
With so many wonderful aspects to her job, she does single out interacting with the dogs and creating bonds with them as favorite parts of her position. "I'll see dogs who have just come in who were just rescued and are terrified or trying to get used to new sounds and smells," Autumn says. "Or maybe they don't like women or men. Being able to slowly build a bond with those dogs is amazing. You have to earn everything with a dog. It's all body language and what you do for each other. You can see the love in their eyes."
To make sure pet parents know their pets are in good hands, Autumn is sure to openly welcome them into the daycare room and show them around. She has them watch their dog interact with other dogs. "I let them know they can call and check on their babies," she says. "We always want it to be a great experience.

"I think that people should know about Second Home and that all of us here love animals to the fullest," Autumn says. "We always make sure their animals are very well taken care of and filled with love."
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