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Summer 2016

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AMAP To Promote Asphalt Modification This Summer

The Association of Modified Asphalt Producers will be exhibiting at two important conferences this summer:

ISAP Symposium and 53rd Annual Peterson Conference
July 18-21, 2016
Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials (SOM) Meeting
July 31-Aug 4, 2016
Hyatt Regency in Greenville, South Carolina

The focus of AMAP’s exhibit will be to promote the wide variety of polymer and additive tools that can improve the physical and economic performance of asphalt binders.

If you plan to attend either of these events please stop by our booth.


“C-PTD180/AIR” is a Distinctive Measurement Application for Ground Tire Rubber Modified Binders

Anton Paar USA, Inc., headquartered in Ashland, VA with branch office in Houston, TX, is a global company based in Austria which develops, produces, distributes and provides support for analytical instruments used in research, development and quality control worldwide.

In June of 2015 Anton Paar introduced the C-PTD180/AIR (Cylinder-Peltier-Temperature-Device with AIR-Counter-Cooling) for a variety of measurement applications. The device is specifically a result of the needs for ground tire rubber (GTR) modified binder measurements. In early 2011, with an increase in requests for technical assistance with GTR modified binder testing, Anton Paar began developing a novel air-cooled Peltier temperature system with an eye towards addressing the issues with parallel-plate GTR modified binder measurements. Namely, edge effects from flow (i.e., sagging out of the plates) and loading issues with highly loaded samples were considered.

In the case of GTR modified binders, some materials contain large particles, up to 2 mm (10 mesh size). These modified binders cannot be measured reliably in a parallel-plate configuration, especially with a large gap, such as 4 mm, in some cases due to sagging out of the plates. The best-suited solution for GTR modified binders is a concentric cylinder geometry with an accommodative gap. In comparison between parallel-plate and large gap cylinder geometry reveals the same results for neat binder and GTR modified binders with small rubber particles. Most importantly this system eliminates edge effect and loading issues with highly loaded GTR modified binders.

This new and unique Peltier temperature device enables quick and accurate temperature control during the measurements in a range of 0 to 180 °C optimized to achieve the ±0.1 °C or less temperature gradient requirements for AASHTO T315. Counter-cooling with an external fluid circulator is not necessary as a result of built-in air counter-cooling. C-PTD 180/AIR can also be used for general rheological measurements as well as for asphalt measurements according to AASHTO T316, ASTM D4402, ASTM D6114 and DIN EN 13302 up to 180 °C. Lastly, it is compatible with the previous generation of Anton Paar rheometer (MCRxx1) platform making it future proof.


Announcing Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions

Bergkamp Inc. is proud to announce the formation of Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions, a new business enterprise to stand alongside our current enterprise, Bergkamp Pavement Preservation Solutions.

Bergkamp Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with DenimoTech A/S, a Denmark-based company, to market, sell and support a full range of polymer-modified asphalt blending mills and plants, crumb rubber blending plants, laboratory plants, emulsion mills and plants, and storage tanks and mixers.

DenimoTech A/S has been producing asphalt polymer modification and asphalt emulsion mills and plants for over 30 years, and focuses exclusively on the asphalt market.

Bergkamp Bituminous looks forward to getting to know the AMAP member companies to understand their needs for the future in order to offer well engineered and time tested solutions.


Innovative Coloring Products for Asphalt

ChromaPave® markets a wide variety of environmentally friendly, carbon black water-based dispersions for asphalt sealers along with a line of innovative asphalt seal coat and hot-mix colorants that have use in commercial, theme park, municipal and residential applications. We invite you to explore this new dimension of design.

ChromaPave® Seal Coat Liquid Colorants and Seal Coat Dry Colorants are innovative coloring products for asphalt.

CHROMAPAVE® Seal Coat Colorants...

  • Beautify municipal, commercial and residential pavement in attractive natural colors.
  • Are a pleasing addition to residential and commercial hardscapes:
    • Color coordinate with structures
    • Color coordinate with landscaping
  • Are not just for beautifying pavement! These seal coat colorants can be used for:
    • Specific highway lane designation (car pool, HOV, etc.)
    • Safety purposes (crosswalks, no-stopping areas, fire lanes, etc.)
    • Bus lane or loading zones
    • School zone designations
    • Handicap parking designations
    • Pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths
    • Car parks


Heatec's Vortex Polymer-Asphalt System

Heatec has developed a new polymer mixing system that can produce PMAC concentrate at a rate of 84 tons/hour. The system includes computerized controls, polymer hopper, mill, asphalt pumps and mixing chamber. These are packaged onto a single skid for easy installation and relocation. The skid can be fitted into a shipping container for transportation.

The system uses a special mixing chamber (patented) that creates a vortex to mix polymer with virgin asphalt cement. The mixing chamber eliminates the need for an intermediate mixing tank with mechanical mixers commonly used in most blending systems. The polymer and asphalt cement are introduced in the mixing chamber to produce a concentrate. The concentrate then makes a single pass through the mill into storage tanks where it cures prior to blending into a finished product.

The system has new controls with a touch screen user interface. The operator can use the screen to program one or more recipes and store them for future use. The system automatically controls mixing according to the selected recipe.

Heatec can access the control system via the Internet for troubleshooting and updating.

Heatec has designed and built polymer-blending equipment more than two decades. The company offers a variety of polymer blending equipment in addition to the new blending system.

Training Center

Heatec added a new training center to its facility in 2015. The new center is designed mainly for training plant personnel in operation of heating and storage products used at their facilities.

Heatec held eight one-day training sessions starting in January 2016. More than 660 people attended the sessions, which were part of a joint training program offered by Astec and Heatec for hot mix asphalt plant operators.

The center has two large classrooms that accommodate up to 48 students each. It has a smaller classroom that accommodates 24 students. Training aids and simulators are used in the classrooms to provide hands-on training.

Heatec is developing a new training program that is being offered separately from the Astec program.

International Sales

Jay Lown has joined the Heatec sales team as International Sales Manager for Construction Products. Jay is responsible for expanding the international sales and distribution of Heatec's construction line of products.

Jay was previously International Territory Manager for a manufacturer of horizontal drilling rigs. He has also held roles as international sales and business development at Astec Underground and other companies.

Additionally, Steve Munson is now Asphalt Terminal Sales Manager for all of North America. Steve is responsible for sales and distribution of asphalt terminals, emulsion plants, and polymer blending systems in the U.S. and Canada.

Jay and Steve can be contacted by phone at Heatec's office number 423-821-5200, or online at


Ingevity Corporation Goes Public

Ingevity Corporation is proud to announce that it has begun operations as a standalone, publicly traded company, following a spinoff from WestRock. Based in North Charleston, S.C., Ingevity’s Pavement Technology team has been a member of AMAP for the last five years. The team focuses on its asphalt additives for pavement preservation and warm mix technology, Evotherm®. Everett Crews, Technology Development Director for the Pavement Technologies group and an AMAP board member, comments: “Becoming a public company is exciting news for our team. And the message for our customers and partners is that our expertise in solving the industry’s most challenging problems will continue to be world-class.”

Trading with the symbol “NGVT” on the New York Stock Exchange as of May 16, 2016, Ingevity was the specialty chemicals division of WestRock, formerly MeadWestvaco, and is a leading global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and high-performance carbon materials headquartered in North Charleston, S.C. The company operates from 25 locations around the world and employs approximately 1,500 people. Ingevity’s products are used in a variety of demanding applications, including asphalt paving, oil exploration and production, agrochemicals, adhesives, lubricants, printing inks and automotive components that reduce gasoline vapor emissions.

“We are excited about the opportunities that being a standalone company will provide us,” said Michael Wilson, president and CEO, Ingevity. “For the past 100 years, our business has been part of larger paper and packaging companies. Now, as an independent company, Ingevity will have the strategic flexibility and financial resources to pursue multiple avenues of growth. We are poised to build upon our legacy of innovation and will continue to focus on our customers’ success.”


Innophos Announces New H2S Scavenger

  • Products shown to effectively reduce H2S in asphalt.
  • Both products available in dry and liquid form
  • Compatible with common additives used in asphalt such as polymers, anti-stripping agents, and other INNOVALT® (PPA) products
  • Performance grade of asphalt is not affected
  • INNOVALT® Scavenger is patent pending technology
  • Made in the USA


What's New at Malvern

Asphalt characterization is an important segment of Malvern Instruments. In this regard, Malvern provides a number of complementary technologies used by many companies, agencies and researchers throughout the asphalt Industry. The instrumentation for material characterization includes systems for investigating the viscosity for flow behavior; the modulus and elastic behavior for performance properties; and particle size, size distribution, molecular weight—even zeta potential—for paving, roofing and asphalt emulsions. These are important tools for product fingerprinting, formulation and stability, as well as forensic analysis of binder composition.

Malvern products include the new Kinexus DSR series, the most popular DSR on the market, along with MasterSizer 3000, Zeta nano and Viscotek GPC, for applications, from SuperPave performance acceptance and grading, emulsion processing and formulation, to greater understanding of the additives used.

The Kinexus DSR, in addition to being a superb tool for SuperPave acceptance testing, has many unique integrated capabilities for practical asphalt characterization for both paving and roofing. It has the ability to automatically determine emulsion processing temperatures (MEET and EVT), laboratory mixing and compaction temperatures (equi-vis, Reinke, and Casola methods), softening point (to ring and ball), relation to penetration, and tack and pull off properties (to ASTM). It can perform crumb rubber testing to current and provisional methods, mix solids analysis for comparative failure/fatigue properties (dry, wet or in solvent), automatically generate master curves, and perform special agency tests, such as the Texas SPG and the Nevada acceptance specifications criteria, as well as many others. These are invaluable tools to many users.

Check out the standard list of supported testing sequences provided to asphalt customers below. If there is a test you’d like to automate, ask your Malvern representative to see if Malvern can make a customized sequence for your company. We would be happy to demonstrate it for you!

Give Malvern a call at +1 508-768-6400 to arrange a one-on-one or group live, online demo of the new Kinexus DSR. It will be an eye opening experience!


Miami Chemical Inks Long Term Supply Contract with Phosphoric Acid Producer

Miami Chemical renewed its exclusive long term supply contract with its phosphoric factory, solidifying the company as a leading supplier of PPA and other phosphate derivative products to the North American Asphalt market for decades to come. The ever-greening contract allows Miami Chemical to continue producing the highest quality PPA by utilizing a thermal manufacturing process instead of the wet process that many other manufacturers utilize. The thermal process results in a lower cost yet higher purity PPA. The contract allows increased access to one of the largest P4 mine deposits in the world, allowing Miami Chemical to expand its current PPA capacity to many times the overall North American demand, as well as offer several new products to the asphalt market.

Miami Chemical Releases New PPA Product Line

With a more advanced manufacturing process, Miami Chemical is able to produce specialized PPA product grades specific to individual markets. Miami Chemicals PPA for ink, shingle, low arsenic applications and ultra high purity applications keeps Miami Chemical in the forefront of product development. These PPAs are specifically designed to give you all of the chemistry you want in your PPA, and minimize the chemistry you don't.

Miami Chemical continues to push the limits of PPA product development for the asphalt industry while being committed to being a technical solution for all of your asphalt needs.

Sixth PPA Terminal Dedicated to Servicing North America

With the opening of our sixth terminal in North America located in Toledo, Ohio, and designed for export into central Canada, Miami Chemical continues its commitment to the industry by installing dedicated, regional terminals across North America, providing shorter lead times, faster delivery and customer service that is second to none.


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