August 27th, 2018 | Volume One
August 27th, 2018

Hi there!

Welcome to the premier issue of the All Critters Newsletter.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a fulI year since I launched the All Critters website ahead of opening the business in mid September. I feel fortunate to have met so many amazing people and their pets over the past year.  

I really do love my job and feel so grateful to be able to look after your pets.  I stay pretty busy running from one home to another looking after your “critters”, and because I don’t see most of you after the initial meet and greet, I thought starting a monthly newsletter would be a nice way for me to stay in touch with you all.  Each issue will include information on pet related events in the area, helpful articles for pet owners, and more.  

Thanks so much to each of you for helping make this first year such a success!


Goodbye Summer...

Labor Day is almost upon us. Let us make your last holiday of the summer stress free by taking care of your pets. If you haven’t made arrangements yet and you have plans (or, decide on a last minute trip), give us a call, we can probably still help out.

As always, we’re here to help anyway we can. Give me a call or text anytime (919-710-8709) or email ( ), I love hearing from you all.  If I don’t speak with you before, I hope you and your family have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Welcome Melissa, our newest pet sitter
Some of you have already met her or seen her on your schedule, but for those of you that haven’t, please join me in officially welcoming Melissa to the All Critters family.  

As bookings have picked up over the past months I’ve finally gotten to a point where I needed some help a few times a week.  She’s been with me about two months and she’s been a tremendous help.  In addition to helping here at All Critters, Melissa also works as a case manager at an area homeless center.  She brings her passion for helping others from her “day job” right over to caring for your pets.  I feel very fortunate to have found her.  

Welcome Melissa and thanks for all you do!

Five Steps to Stop Leash Pullers in Their Tracks

It's a classic story: dog goes on walk, dog hauls owner all over the sidewalk.  By the time you get back home, your shoulder is sore and you are contemplating getting a gerbil instead.  Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this.  

Whether you are just starting your journey of reforming a chronic puller or you have a long relationship with a dog who hauls you around the neighborhood, there are several steps you can take to convince them to cut it out.  Here are five steps you can take to help your dog improve their leash manners and stop running you ragged on walks:

Change Their Collar to a Harness: Unfortunately, the traditional buckle collar for pups is one that is most comfortable to pull against.  Switch your tug-happy dog to a chest harness, like this  one , to discourage pulling.  Harnesses apply pressure to the front of the chest when the dog pulls, and, if you attach the leash to the front clip of the harness, pulls the dog to one side.  Your dog will dislike the feeling when they pull and will self-correct with time.  

Give Them Time to Exercise: Outside is the most exciting place for any dog to be, especially when they only get a few walks a day.  The smells, the fast-moving cars and people, the unique sensations on their paws – it is sensory overload.  It is basically like Willy Wonka's chocolate room for dogs, and they don't want to hear about walking  calmly.   Before you can work with your dog to develop better leash manners, you need to let them burn off energy so the temptations they find outside are not so overwhelming.

Read the entire article at All Critters Petcare

By Lauren Pescarus for All Critters Petcare
Scheduling Upcoming Visits
Anytime you need to schedule a visit or series of visits I’m available to help you out.  You can call, text or email anytime day or night. If I can’t answer right away, rest assured that I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Luckily, the software on the All Critters site makes it really easy to schedule visits yourself.  Once you schedule/request visits it’ll add you tentatively to the schedule.  

I check the schedule frequently, and when you book through the site you can expect to receive a confirmation of your reservation within a couple of hours.

Please feel free to try out the online booking tool. It’s easy, even if you’re not tech savvy.  If you have any trouble or questions, just let me know, I’m happy to help out.   Online booking is not required. You can still book by phone. I just wanted clients to know that this is an option if you can’t reach me right away.

Get Social With Us!

If you're not already, we would love it if you'd follow us on Instagram &/or like us on Facebook . Like & tag pictures of your pets and share them with your friends and family.
Pet Events in the Raleigh Area in September
AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day
Enjoy a day of demonstrations, giveaways, games & vendors.
Location : NC State Fairgrounds
When : Sept. 8th, 10am - 3pm

18th Annual Evening of Pawsibilities
Evening of dinner & desserts, wine, silent auction & raffles to benefit Second Chance Pet Adoptions
Location : North Ridge Country Club
When : Sept. 29th, 6:30pm - 10pm

Rabies & Microchip Clinic
Get your pets vaccinated & microchipped at an affordable price (rabies vaccine for $5 & microchips for $15 with lifetime registration)
Location : Safe Haven Spay & Neuter Clinic / 8411-109 Garvey Drive, Raleigh
When : Sept. 22nd, 12pm - 2pm

Caring for Senior Cats
Like people, senior cats have special needs and sometimes exhibit puzzling behaviors. Learn more about medical, social, and nutritional needs for seven to 10-year old kitties.
Location : Safe Haven Spay / 8411-137 Garvey Drive, Raleigh
When : Sept. 16th, 6:30pm - 8pm

Reviews & Referrals
In today’s world online reviews are absolutely crucial for local businesses. It takes just a few moments and it makes such a big difference for the companies like All Critters Pet Care.  If you’ve been happy with the service we’ve given you, I would be enormously grateful if you’d go and post a review for us.  You can even type one review and copy that same review over to the other sites.  I’ve made it easy for you by creating a page that has links to all of the sites where were listed. Reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook are most needed, but we’d appreciate a review on any of the sites listed.  

Also, we’d love more customers!  Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives about us and we’ll give you a $25 credit on your account once they’ve booked and paid for service. 

As always, thanks so very much for your business. We truly appreciate it.

See you back here next month!

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