What's New from Caru! 
This year Caru Pet Food introduced two new Daily Dish flavors (Turkey Stew and Turkey with Wild Salmon Stew) and our newest product line - Cat Stews to rave reviews.
CARU's Classics Stews for Cats comes in four delicious flavors - Chicken, Chicken & Crab, Turkey and Wild Salmon & Turkey.
Both new products Daily Dish Stews and Classics Cat Stews are limited ingredient natural diets that look, smell and taste just like a home cooked meal. The stews are American-made in a human grade facility using human grade ingredients sourced in the USA. They're packed with added vitamins, minerals, and contain no GMO ingredients, grains or gluten or China sourced ingredients.
For retailers, CARU has some great ISO display shippers for both our new Cat Stews and all 6 Daily Dish Dog Stew flavors. These display shippers are the perfect way to introduce CARU to pet parents in search of a new tasty limited ingredient human grade food option for their dog or cat to enjoy.  
Here's what pet parents are saying about CARU's new products  
Reviews of Classics Stews for Cats: 
  • 'Every cat I give it to LOVES IT!! When I present them with multiple food choices, they stop eating everything else and go to this one!' 
  • 'Lots of gravy and small bits which my cats prefer'
  • 'My 2 furballs love this stew! I like the easy open container, and when I use just a portion of it, the container folds down to close, which is handy!'
  • 'I have 2 senior VERY picky eaters. CATS UGH,,,, they will starve themselves before eating a food they don't like. BINGO I found this food and they LOVE IT. Problem solved.'
  • 'This high calorie, high moisture stew was eagerly eaten by momma and babies. I would suggest this for ailing cats, cats lacking teeth, elderly cats and cats who need to ingest more water.'
Reviews of our Two New Daily Dish Stews for Dogs: 
  • 'My dog has come to be extremely spoiled and picky with food. I really like the packaging on Caru. Super cute, super easy, and I don't need a can cap. When I opened the food my first impression was that it smells like human food! Chicken noodle soup to be exact. As soon as I put it in (my dog's) dry food she ate ALL of it and gave me the "give me more" face. Highly recommend.'
  • '(My dog) went nuts for it. He ate it so fast and carried his bowl around trying to get a second helping of dinner. It's important to me that my dogs food is high quality and all natural. But it's also extremely important that he enjoys it. It doesn't matter how good the food is for him if he won't eat it because it tastes bad. This food meets all the requirements. It's good for him and he'll actually eat it!'  
To learn more about CARU's human grade stews, visit www.CaruPetFood.com or call 855-330-CARU.

It all started with a pup named Karu
We are back. You may have noticed that our newsletter took a hiatus for 6 months. Well that's because this past April we lost Karu, our Chief Taste Testing Officer and Inspiration behind the brand.  
While we still miss Karu every day, we are focusing on the silly things he did and all the love and joy he brought to so many.  
As a young puppy when Karu was working with us at our medical clinic, he felt getting into mischief or keeping us on our toes was his 'job'. There was the time when we were distracted and on the phone that he ran off with the toilet paper from the staff bathroom. When we got off the phone we found a long toilet paper trail from the washroom down the hall, around the corner and into the gym.  He also endeared himself to our office manager by sitting on her feet under her desk and trying to lick clean the nail polish off her toes. He was a little sweetie.  
Today (October 16, 2004), was the day, 14 years ago that we brought Karu home. And so the journey began with this little pup from stealing our hearts to inspiring his very own pet food company! When you feed your dog or cat any of CARU's products, you can be assured that our products are made with the same love and care that went into the very first home cooked meals we made for our Karu. At CARU, 'Just Like Homemade' is more than a tag line; it is a testament to the care and love for pets that goes into every product we make.   
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Two dog winners and two cat winners will be chosen randomly.   
The winner will receive a case of either CARU's New Classics Stews for Cats or Daily Dish Stews for Dogs.  
Contest runs until Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Good luck!  
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