Winter 2022
Quarter 1 Winter Edition
Fitness Center: Trainer Tips for Toning the Arms, Delicious Chicken & Veggie Dish, Heart-Healthy Workouts!

Ice Arena: Choosing the Right Skate for Your Child, Never too Late to Learn to Skate

Recreation: Spring Soccer is Around the Corner, Officials and Umpires Needed!
February is American Heart Month!

This year, we will be hosting a Healthy Heart Challenge. Each time you come in during the month of February to work out, you will be able to fill out a heart to enter our prize drawing.

1 workout=1 entry – once per day!!

The more times you work out, the more chances you will have to win and the healthier you will become!! Look for more information at the front desk later this month!
Ice Arena Updates
Never Too Late To Skate!
One question we get quite often at the WIFC is whether it’s “too late” for a child to start learning to play hockey if they didn’t begin lessons at a young age. The very quick answer to this is “No! It’s never too late.”

WIFC’s Hockey Director, Coach Mike, explains that hockey is a late specialization sport, which means it’s perfect to jump in at any age. This follows recommendations from USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) for player development in hockey.
Learning basic movement and sports skills should be made FUN. 

All sports begin with basic fundamental movement and core sports skills. The ABCs of athleticism include agility, balance, coordination and speed, while fundamental movement skills include running, jumping, skating, and throwing. Children must have a solid foundation in these fundamental movement skills before they will have success in acquiring sports skills.
Specialization: Well-rounded, multisport athletes have the highest potential to achieve.

Once these basics have been acquired, players can move into more specialized training. Sports are classified as either early or late specialization sports. As with other contact/collision sports, ice hockey is classified as a late specialization sport. Hockey players don’t reach their full potential until after full growth maturity. When players specialize too early, they can create imbalances in musculature, increase the potential for burnout and limit their athletic potential by not developing a broad base of athleticism.
The final thing to consider is progress.  At the WIFC, Coach Mike and his team prefer to allow players to develop at their own pace.

If you ever have questions about Learning to Play Hockey, please reach out to Coach Mike at We have lessons and programs that are suitable for all stages of youth hockey development!
Parks and Recreation
Spring Coed youth Soccer

Registration is February 1, 2022 – February 28, 2022
(Limited spaces available)
  • 4-6 yr. old age group is $40 for Walker residents and $50 for non-residents
  • 7-8 yr. old, 9-10 yr. old and 11-12-13 yr. old age groups is $50 for Walker residents and $60 for non-residents
  • There is a $5.00 discount for each additional family member registered
  • There will be a $10.00 LATE FEE charged for any registrations received after the February 28 deadline
  • Volunteer to coach and get a full refund for your registration!
  • Register online at