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Summer Reading Program Is Back!
Registration is open for students ages 5-17 to join up for Chez Alpha Books, Dakar’s annual reading challenge. Improve your reading skills, discover different worlds, meet new friends, and take part in fun interactive activities centered around books.

It’s a fun educational experience.

How does it work? Participants are divided into four (4) age groups:

The challenge? Read a minimum of 10 age appropriate books from the starting date of June 15th straight through to August 31st, 2020 . For now we can say the bookstore will be open every Tuesday and Saturday from 10 AM until 4 PM. Hours may increased as Senegal continues to address Covid-19.

There are 12 topic areas from which students must read a minimum of 4 books from the topic list. 

Weekly students will submit photos of books they’ve read. Post videos of them reading their favorite scenes and chapters, and give video summaries of the books they’ve read. We will keep the post going throughout the summer on the WE READ-Facebook page. We will also be sharing some great books for students to read online.

Prizes and Rewards
Read a minimum of 5 books and receive a Certificate of Completion. 
Read 10 or more books to earn a Certificate of Achievement and win cool prizes.
Students will be able to borrow 2 books per vist to Chez ALpha Books. 

Open your mind. Open a book! Register here: https://forms.gle/pg6NdRhd9KceDXVK8

For more information about the WE READ - Summer Reading Program 2020 please send a whatsapp message to 77 642 63 83 or 77 576 07 84 or an email to maizie@chezalphabks.com
Recently the Director of ELC: Lac Rose, Senegal followed a discussion on the current education in Senegal and the major imbalance between students attaining academic knowledge and much needed 21 st century life skills.

In response to this imbalance, ELC Lac Rose is working to help reverse this trend and become Senegal's 1st online school that will allow students to continue attending their current school /university while registering with ELC for a skills-based training online that merges theoretical and practicum knowledge. With personalized follow-up and a flexible work schedule, in addition to their individual work aimed at strengthening their written and oral expression, students will follow academic courses and develop life skills highly valued in global societies including geopolitics, leadership, time management, and research methodology, etc. All courses are offered in in English & French.

The goal of ELC Lac Rose online program is to facilitate a student’s transition to higher education and work life through cross-cutting / socio-emotional skills. Emphasis will be placed on students learning how to use online collaborative tools and strengthen their digital skills. For more information visit: tinyurl.com/ELC-Online  

Students will be able to learn from the comfort and safety of their home, without leaving their current school /university as all courses are delivered online based on a flexible evening and weekend schedule.
Via this online program, students will have the unique opportunity to exchange with students from Montpellier, France; Baltimore, Maryland; Hawaii; and Stockholm with easy access to schools and universities in South Africa, Cameroon, Canada, USA, Mauritius, Malaysia, Morocco & Rwanda.

To get started ELC Lac Rose is offering a FREE SUMMER CLASS on Sustainable Development in partnership with Lycee d’ Obama in Hawaii for the first 20 students who register and meet the admission requirements below:
  • Have a level in English to do research, write texts, presentations and debates
  • Complete the registration form: tinyurl.com/Hawaii-SummerCourse
  • Be available from June 8 to July 2020, 17 (video conferences on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6 PM to 8 pm. Research & work to be done between the sessions.
Be sure to check out ELC Lac Rose today!
Independent booksellers
are our lifeblood
Independent booksellers are our lifeblood. We count on their dedication—and their passionate recommendations to readers. In solidarity with those who are committed to social justice, we’re sharing the story of Angela Franklin . She’s making history as the founder and director of Chez Alpha Books , the first and only English-language bookstore in Dakar, Senegal. Angela holds an MFA in Enamel and Metalworking, along with another master’s in Online Education and Leadership Management. She has more than 20 years of experience in higher education administration. When her thriving studio in Baltimore burned to the ground, Angela started over. She eventually wrote a grant to study the traditional arts in Senegal, where she married and had a son. Our Editor-at-large Nadine Pinede talked to Angela about her remarkable journey, from selling books in her garage to directing an internationally-acclaimed bookstore and academic resource center.
Certify Your English Proficiency Online with the Duolingo English Test
English testing options are changing. In the past, you had to take your exam in-person, at an official test center. Today, you can take your English proficiency test online. The Duolingo English Test is one popular way to certify your English skills without leaving home. It is growing in popularity as an essential resource for international students.

Additionally, many test centers have recently closed because of the global pandemic. But the Duolingo English Test has given international students a way to safely certify their English skills online. This means that they can continue preparing their college applications from home.

What Is the Duolingo English Test?
The Duolingo English Test might look different from other language proficiency tests that you have seen or taken in the past. First, it is a computer adaptive test (an online test). This means that you can take it in the comfort of your own home (remotely). Second, it allows test-takers to use their own computers...Continue reading: https://bit.ly/2WPcuhx
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