APRIL 2018
One Challenge uses sports as a tool to reach out to communities with a common language – the love of sports and recreation.
Children and youth in South Africa have the opportunity through Golang to learn about Jesus and study the Word. Also, it gives them productive and safe activities to engage in.
Have you ever thought about what the early church gospel was like? There was no communication beyond word of mouth, carried by travelers from one part of the world to another, and even that was rare. Most people never left their region, though the Jews would occasionally travel to and from Jerusalem to go to the temple.
Barriers to the gospel can break down on the basketball court. Recently, OC worker Alex partnered with a local Taiwanese church to reach youth through a basketball camp.
For the last couple of years, Karl, OC worker and OC Africa Area Director, has worked with the Southern African Chinese Outreach Network to reach the growing population of Chinese immigrants in Southern Africa and help the African church engage with their Chinese neighbors.
This month’s prayer focus is on the annual report of the ministries of the One Challenge Global Alliance (OCGA), made of 13 autonomous mission sending centers who voluntarily work together to share resources and experience to fulfill common vision, mission, values, and strategy. This brochure includes information about the OC Global Alliance impact around the world in 2017 as well as the financial information from the One Challenge U.S. Mobilization Center. Download the brochure here.
We are celebrating our new neighbors – Magazine Training International (MTI) – right here in our Colorado Springs building. In February this year MTI signed a lease to rent one of our empty suites. We couldn’t be more pleased as we share so much more than just the building. Since they are the professional magazine/web publishers, we thought we would have them introduce themselves…