LEAD STORY: How Christmas is Celebrated in the OC Global Alliance
In the Christmas season, take a look how Christmas is celebrated in the OC Global Alliance sending countries ...
MOBILIZATION BLOG: How do I go on a short-term trip with One Challenge?
So, you’re interested in going on a short-term trip in missions. Where do you start?
Christmas in the Philippines (Video)
Filipinos love Christmas! Music and decorations adorn malls and homes as early as September. OC mission workers Dennis and Evangeline share what Christmas is like in the Philippines.
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas! (Video)
So, when do you begin your holiday celebration? You won’t believe what happened to me this year.
I succumbed to the pressure to consume my life with Christmas even before summer ended.
So where does the birth of Christ fit into all of this?

Take a look at Today’s Take “It’s beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!”
Prayer Focus for December … Christmas Around the World (Nepal, Japan, Zimbabwe)
It is that time of year again! We are continuing our series on how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Three OC workers share their observations and experiences.
  • Do you wear special clothes at Christmas?
  • What does Colonel Sanders have to do with celebrating Christmas?
  • Who has a swimming party at Christmas?
Futures Think Tank … Understanding the Times, Knowing What to Do
Realizing that change challenges the effectiveness of mission work as we know it, OC leadership invited the Global Research Team to facilitate a Futures Think Tank in Colorado. Twenty-five people participated, 16 of whom traveled to Colorado for this meeting...
Christmas … One Big Story
People LOVE stories! Did you know that ONE BIG STORY was conceived in the mind of God before the creation of the world? The greatest and most amazing chapter of this ONE BIG STORY comes from the Christmas story that culminates in Easter...