JULY 2018
How do you connect with what God is doing around the world? When have you seen and felt God’s compassionate expressions of love and care for the impoverished and lost? What experiences have convinced you that God is big and He is in charge?
This short video features an OC Africa Associate, Thomas Maphophe, and his perspective on how OC helped shape his ministry.
MOBILIZATION BLOG: Reality in the Kingdom
Once, while facing impossible circumstances regarding legal residency in her country of service, one of our mission workers heard from God. He said, “Which is more real, your situation or my word?”
Where is home? What is it like to work a decade or two in a nation and then leave … and then return for a visit? We asked One Challenge global worker, Cherie Bulger, to share how it felt to return to Africa for the first time after departing in 2016. Here’s her story.
“Step Inside the Château” (SIC) is a short-term mission trip that is one of OC’s field experience opportunities, available to anyone 18 or over. Our vision for this trip is to give people a good intro to missions.

It’s an opportunity to dip your toes in, have a cross-cultural experience, and work alongside experienced mission workers. This year’s 2018 trip was at the Château de Saint-Albain...
This month’s prayer focus is on Missional Challenge, a ministry of One Challenge, based out of Washington. They partner together with churches, networks, and denominations to advance disciplemaking movements globally. Their team is small, but has over 30 years of experience, and has a large vision!
One Challenge puts a very high value on collaboration and partnerships. One way we partner is by renting suites in our building to Christian ministries.

Our newest partner in the building is Crossroads Ministries which is led by Kay Owen Larson.