JUNE 2018
All year One Challenge’s Personnel Department talks a lot about summer. The chatter is not about the anticipated warmer days, the backyard BBQs, or the fun in the sun. Rather, the department is abuzz with planning, prep, and execution of three critical programs – Core (training), Transition Orientation (sending), and PEP (renewal).
This short video showcases the fun and sun of an OC summer. Summer at OC means training, sending, and debriefing.
There is little doubt among cross-cultural workers that the focus of the church in the United States is changing, or has already changed, from global outreach to more inward facing priorities. Most have not given up the global focus completely, but have prioritized local needs and ministries, including committing a large amount of money to short-term trips, above money given for longer-term, resident mission workers.

The church exists to have impact in its “Jerusalem.” It also exists to have impact in its “Judea” and “Samaria” and the “ends of the earth.”
An integral ministry in One Challenge is that of member care. On some level, most OC mission workers engage in care for the ministry partners, leaders, pastors, and people they serve. In an official sense, member care is the ongoing preparation, equipping, and empowering of mission workers for effective and sustainable life, ministry, and work.
One hundred people from 23 countries convened in Nairobi, Kenya for the 8th Lausanne International Researchers’ Conference (LIRC) from April 30 to May 4... 
This month’s prayer focus is on OC summer programs. One Challenge summers are filled with training, sending, sharing, and laughter. Most importantly it’s a time for the OC community to celebrate God’s faithfulness to our people around the world – those beginning their journey and those processing it. Core (training), PEP (debriefing), and Transition Orientation highlight an OC summer.
When June rolls around, the energy level on the second floor of the One Challenge U.S. Mobilization Center (US-MC) is palatable/unmistakable. Second floor is home to Personnel – Mobilization, Pre-field training, and MemberCare, to mention a few.

In June members of the Personnel Department are walking with global mission workers at various stages of their personal journeys...