MARCH 2019
LEAD STORY: Empowering Global Ministry through MK Education
“Without the work you do – the education and care of our children – we could not do our ministry.”
Start Your BFA Story (Video)
Understanding the Remaining Mission Task (Animated Video)
A member of our CMIW Facilitation Team, Chris Maynard, helped to create this video to be seen by students at Urbana 18. It challenges priorities for sending mission workers.
Prayer Focus for March 2019 … MK Education
EMPOWERING missions by shaping the next generation.

Interested in Serving at an MK School? Here are a few needs:
• Teachers
• Boarding Parents
• Support Staff (nurses, coaches, counselors, etc.) 
Why counting churches is fundamental but not the whole deal
“The world cannot be understood without numbers. And it cannot be understood with numbers alone.” (Hans Rosling)
Moving Toward Dialogue Education
Dialogue Education? What is that? …you may be wondering. Traditional teaching or training is usually one-sided: the expert talks; the learner listens. In Dialogue Education, they are engaged in a dialogue together.