LEAD STORY: Coming Home: OC Alumni Retreat
The 2nd OC Homecoming in Colorado Springs was a wonderful time with retired and current OC mission workers, former and current office staff, OC board members, and adult MKs!
MOBILIZATION BLOG: Mission Is Not What We Do
“Mission is not what we do, it is what we become.” – Dr. Frank Strang
As we become more like God, we are yet further drawn into mission with God. It is inevitable. To ignore the mission of God is to turn away from him...
IT Meets Ministry in Guatemala
Some may question what the world of Information Technology (IT) has to do with the global mission field. As you may or may not have guessed, computers, internet, routers, and all things tech, help One Challenge global workers ...
MANI – Bridges across the Ocean
“We didn’t know this could happen.”
“I was blown away by the synergy.”
“We need to inspire pastors and expose believers to what God is doing.”
“It’s far beyond my expectation.”

These words came from African-American, African mission leaders and mission agency leaders during the MANI BRIDGE Consultation in Houston, Texas...
Prayer Focus for November … A World of Thankfulness
This month’s prayer focus is on THANKFULNESS with wonderful reports of good news around the OC world.

As we near the end of the year, praise and thankfulness spill from our hearts and lips. We see an abundance of God’s faithfulness evidenced by kingdom growth all over the world. Rejoice with us in this news from around the world…
+ Global
+ Latin America
+ Asia
+ Africa
+ Europe
Partnerships Shaped by God … Lifeworkx and Korean Church
At One Challenge we highly value partnership because it is critical to completing the Great Commission. How do strategic partnerships come into being? So often it is a sequence of divinely orchestrated connections AND long-term relationship.

Here’s how OC’s Lifeworkx Team got connected to the Onurri Church in Seoul, South Korea...