LEAD STORY: A Growing Mobilization Team
This month we are celebrating Connor, who joined OC’s Mobilization department officially as Short-Term Coordinator...
FEATURED VIDEO: Sending Out Harvesters - One Challenge Mobilization
If One Challenge Mobilization had a theme verse, it would be Luke 10:2: "Pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers." It's not about seeing the numbers of OC workers grow. It's about seeing those who God has called being sent to all the Earth...
MOBILIZATION BLOG: Pray to the Lord of the Harvest
When confronted by the vast need around us one might ask, “What can I do that would make a difference?” It’s true – our resources are not up to the task... 
Teaching on Special Needs in South Africa
If a child with a difference or weakness in social skills, cognitive ability, emotional self-regulation, and/or physical ability visited your church, would this child be welcomed and accepted? Would they feel like they belong?
Debriefing and Renewal for Latino Workers
Providing soul-care and debriefing for workers worldwide is a critical piece of the mission effort. A while ago, OC workers facilitated Debriefing and Renewal retreat (DAR) for Latino mission workers... 
This month’s prayer focus is on the One Challenge Mobilization Team and their upcoming events. The U.S. Mobilization Team is committed to seeing more mission workers join the global kingdom effort.

+ Representing OC at conferences around the country
+ Meeting people at restaurants and homes
+ Responding by phone, email or social media
+ Creating blog posts, podcasts, and videos

Upcoming Recruiting Events 
+ Oct 2-4, Colorado Christian University, Denver, CO
+ Oct 3-6, NW Christian University, Eugene, OR
+ Oct 9-12, Moody, Chicago, IL
+ Oct 19-20, MissionFest: Seattle, Bellevue, WA
What’s Your Elevator Speech?
You have 20-60 seconds, the length of an elevator ride, to give a pitch that outlines an idea, or service, or project. For One Challenge, it might go like this...