When one thinks of a place to share the gospel, the beaches of Spain may not an obvious choice. However, that’s where the Lord directed one of the summer’s Sports Ambassadors (SA) teams. Kari and Mark share their highlights...
This video includes a personal testimony from Paul about "Church Unusual" in Q&A (question and answer) style. Topics include:
+ What is “Church Unusual”? + How did Church Unusual get started?
+ What are the challenges? + Who helped start Church Unusual?
+ Who is the main audience for Church Unusual?
+ How did you get the word out about this new type of church?
+ What were the first Church Unusual meetings like?
"One Ring to rule them all..."
Tolkien wasn’t talking about priorities when he wrote that, but we’ll use it to launch into our topic anyway: what you value the most will become your “one ring,” and everything else will orbit around it.
Robert E Rasmussen, with Near Frontiers, a ministry of One Challenge, says: “Have you ever been a guest in a home watching a movie on DVD, and the doorbell rings. The host gets up to answer it, and hits “Pause.” He comes back and starts the movie only to get a call on the phone; and he hits “Pause” again!
As a predominantly Buddhist nation, Thailand is only 0.69 percent Christian. However, Christian leaders in the country aren’t discouraged with this statistic. They are full of hope...
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“What was most valuable to me? The truly solid content of the sessions, and the amazing degree and substance of input from participants during our session discussions.”

This participant feedback captured the essence of the recently-held Leadership Development Program, a two-day workshop for OC workers held at the US-MC.