January 2018
LEAD STORY: Mountain Biking for Church Multiplication
Missions and creativity may not seem like a natural pairing. However, at One Challenge, we find our inspiration in the Lord, the Creator. This leads to creative innovation to see influencers change their communities and nations … with something as fun and simple as mountain biking!
A New Year Greeting in 2018
Dean and Kathie Carlson wish you a Happy New Year and encourage you to join One Challenge in being creative in ministry ...
Three Kings and the Kingdom
Have you ever wondered where the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” came from? It’s fun to think of getting presents for 12 days in a row, especially in increasing measure like the song describes!
Reaching Out to Immigrant Communities in Spain
Our world is not at peace. Nightly on the news, we see more areas of unrest. Global displacement of peoples means more and more refugees are seeking asylum in countries near and far. One Challenge workers try to meet people where they are at and help in any way they can. Our story today is about reaching out to immigrant communities in Spain.
Challenges of Studying Theology in South Asia
In the Western world, we don’t often comprehend the sacrifices believers around the world make in order to share the gospel. Do you ever wonder how pastors in non-Christian countries are trained? Studying theology … especially Christian theology in an area where Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are dominant … is a challenge.
Prayer Focus for January 2018 – Happy New Year
This month’s prayer focus is on the New Year. 2018 is an invitation to creativity! We serve a God who is passionately innovative in how he changes lives and transforms communities. And he invites us to join him in what he’s doing.

God uses normal people – gripped by love and fired with imagination – to change the world.
The Changing Face of the U.S. Mobilization Center
The face of the workforce at the U.S. Mobilization Center (US-MC) is looking younger! In the last few years, a dozen young adults have taken on some key positions at the home office. They now make up 25% of the US-MC “workers behind the workers,” contributing to recruiting, training, sending and sustaining global mission workers. Bringing in fresh perspective and new energy is this group of 20-30 somethings ...