October 2017
LEAD STORY: Step Out ... Serve with One Challenge
EXPERIMENT and Change: From two weeks to three months … in a group or on your own … check out a new culture … get your hands dirty … help people … shadow a mission worker … learn to trust God and others in new ways … come back changed.

ENCOUNTER and Grow: Up to one year … apprentice under an experienced mentor … join a team … find out what real life is like as a mission worker … push yourself beyond your limits … learn a language … learn a culture … make a difference.

ENGAGE and Influence: More than one year … go deep with people … see relationships become ministry and ministry become life … share your passion with others … gift your experience and training to local believers … influence an entire city … an entire country.

EXAMINE and Learn: Do you have questions about getting involved in mission work?
Partnering to Love the World Next Door - Near Frontiers
Near Frontiers, a subsidiary of One Challenge, seeks to serve and mobilize the world living next door...
The Lord of the Harvest
The disciples approached Jesus as he said goodbye to a stranger, a middle-aged Samaritan woman. She ran off in a hurry toward Sychar, the local town from which she had come to draw water...
Reaching Out through 
Sports in Taiwan
When organizations, churches, and believers work together for the kingdom, God works in amazing ways. Recently, OC workers Alex and Kristi worked at Universaide, a biennial Olympic-type event for university students...
Missions from Every People to Every People: COMIBAM 2017
Dean joined several OC and Global Alliance workers at COMIBAM 2017, a decadal event that this year saw 1,800 global mission leaders from 55 nations. OC Global Alliance teammates Jesús Londoño and Hélder Favarin were speakers at the event...
Prayer Focus … Near Frontiers
This month’s prayer focus is on Near Frontiers, a subsidiary of One Challenge. Near Frontiers desires to see the body of Christ in all its diversity united in making disciples of all peoples. So what’s its slice of that pie? It exists to partner within the diverse body of Christ to stimulate intercultural unity and gospel transformation among diaspora and under-served peoples...
Productivity and Blessing – OC Board and Area Directors
OC’s U.S. Mobilization Center welcomed board members and area directors for collaborative meetings that focused on insuring sustainability and growth for the future.

Times of worship, stories of God at work around the globe, and meals together – all were characterized by productivity and blessing...