What's new with ski boots
Over the past 5 years, ski boots have gotten lighter in weight, easier to put on and take off, and are available in narrow, medium, or wide fits. The next best thing in ski boots is the introduction of the GripWalk boot soles.

The GripWalk boot sole is a rounded toe and heel boot sole that allows you to walk easier and safer in ski boots. GripWalk soles are a softer and grippier design than the standard ISO 5355 boot soles that have been on boots since 1978.
So how do they differ? The photos below show the standard 5355 and GripWalk next to each other. You can easily see there is more texture rubber than the standard soles and the toe pieces are more ramped. Without a question, this makes walking in ski boots easier and safer.
So why don't all new ski boots have GripWalk soles?

The main reason, older ski bindings are not compatible with the new GripWalk boot soles. Like the chicken and the egg, in this case, the binding had to come first. So manufactures started making GripWalk bindings about four years ago. If your bindings have the GripWalk logo by the toe piece, it will work with older boot soles and new GripWalk soles. Right now, only a few boot models have GripWalk soles, but in 2-3 years, almost all boots will have GripWalk boots soles.

If you have any questions about GripWalk, stop by. I'll be happy to show you the difference and advantages of the GripWalk boot soles.

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