New shared database. A new open source database, developed by data experts at ADVOCAP and Winnebago County, replaces the Apricot system. The new system will allow us to better tailor our data and reporting needs for the hub collaboration and our investors.

EMPOWER project. Four women are currently participating in United Way's EMPOWER project, which provides financial resources to break down barriers for single women with dependent children. All are actively engaged in hub coaching at the Salvation Army.

More coaching capacity. We expanded coaching capacity at ADVOCAP and the Salvation Army. The third site, the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry, is in the midst of a strategic planning process to determine the level of their continued involvement.

Coaching model adoption. The hub coaching model is being used or considered by other agencies. They have incorporated the self-sufficiency matrix, one-on-one meetings, and goal setting with their guests and clients. The Day By Day Warming shelter has seen some excellent results with their shelter guests, and Fox Valley Technical College, the Christine Ann Shelter, and the Boys & Girls Club are interested in providing this coaching model. 

Easier access. We are paving the way for 211 to serve as a point of contact for participants and connections with/to the multiple partners who are providing coaching or making referrals to hub coaching. 211 Wisconsin has modified their database, and we are investigating ways to more effectively connect people with coaching and resources.