Tri-Technical Systems' Quarterly Newsletter, April, 2017
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Welcome to the Tri-Tech Newsletter, your source for all things Tri-Tech!  In this edition we will share info about what's new at Tri-Tech, tips to help you run your business, and employee spotlights.  

Tri-Technical Systems Receives 2017 FrontRunners Award

Tri-Technical Systems has been placed on the Gartner’s FrontRunners quadrant for retailers’ top-products with their point of sale retail software, AIMsi. Within the quadrant, AIMsi is named one of the top three highest-rated solutions in the industry, offering one of the highest values and capabilities in that market.

Upcoming Events
  • April 26-29, 2017                  RPMDA                              Atlanta, GA
  • May 7-10, 2017                     NRHSA                               Las Vegas, NV
  • July 13-15, 2017                   Summer NAMM                 Nashville, TN
  • August 6-9, 2017                  RSPA                                 Las Vegas, NV                             

    Development News

    The development department has been hard at work maintaining AIMsi as well as working on the re-write of the next generation of the AIMsi software. You probably didn’t realize this, but most of you are already using portions of the re-write in your existing AIMsi software. All of the back end integrated credit card functionality that AIMsi currently uses was actually developed in the new programing language as part of the re-write. Also, we will be releasing the next version of the active-e website and C2B shortly and all of the connection between AIMsi and active-e has been re-written in the new language and will be deployed to the existing AIMsi software. As we get closer to the completion of the re-write we will be providing a new page on our website that we will continually update to provide you with the latest information on the release.

    One of the new features scheduled to come out in the next update is the ability to enter a zip code override with a credit card token. If this new zip code is filled in it will be transmitted with autopay transactions. If it is not filled in then it defaults to the existing logic of sending the zip code from the customer record. This is handy for customers that have a different credit card billing address than what you have entered in the customer record.

    Support Tips

    When doing a merchandise return and you are returning a partial quantity, you will need to change the “Qty Ret.” Column to the correct amount you are returning. Also, if the invoice was a charge sale you can check the bottom option “Auto Reduce Balance” so it will reduce the amount owed by the amount being returned. If you do not check this you would then have to refund by credit invoice and apply the credit to the debit.

    Note: You can set “Auto Reduce Balance” to be checked all the time for each workstation by navigating under Maintenance > General Maintenance > Workstations and on Tab 4 Misc in the upper right side you will see:  

    Margie's Web Tip

    Did you know that there is a link from the Member Portal to all things Active-e?

    The link is located on the left hand side and titled Active-e Processes and Documents.   We hope this will help get you up and running more quickly with Active-e.

                                                      Member Portal

    Employee Spotlight - Meet Ron Koppes
    Ron Koppes has been with Tri-Tech for 10 years holding a Sales Manager position. 

    I really enjoy working at Tri-Technical Systems because it gives me the opportunity to talk with people from all across the country. It is always interesting to hear the backstory of a business and learn the role they play within their community. Knowing that our business solutions are a part of what helps them succeed is very gratifying.

    I have two teenage children who keep me on the go. In my free time I enjoy being active outside attempting to golf, running and playing yard games. I also like to cheer on the sports teams for my alma mater, University of Northern Iowa. Go Panthers!
    On-site Training
    Professor Tech, Bill Steppan, has been busy this year with on-site trainings.  To learn more about our training options:
    The Giving Tree
    St. Stephen's Food Bank

    Tri-Tech employees were happy to donate to St. Stephen's Food Bank this quarter. We look forward to continue to support this wonderful organization.
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