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Welcome to the Tri-Tech Newsletter, your source for all things Tri-Tech! In this edition we will share info about what's new at Tri-Tech, tips to help you run your business, and employee spotlights. 
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Development News
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Support Tips

Tip #1 - Did you know you can set your workstations to force exit AIMsi? This is beneficial for scheduled backups at night if an employee forgets to logout. Simply head to Maintenance > General Maintenance > Workstations on tab 4 MISC. Here you can set “Force App Exit at” in military time to when you want to close AIMsi. You will want to also set the application timer which is the frequency with which the workstation should check for a forced exit in minutes.
Tip #2 - Did you know you can set the order of your different payment categories if you are using the touchscreen payment option? Under Maintenance > General Maintenance > System Variables see variable “PayCatOrder." This controls the order of the payment categories in the touchscreen payment screen.  Separate payment categories with pipes '|', the first nine you enter will have their own buttons, the rest of your payment categories will be grouped under the 'Other' button. For example "900|901|902|CARD|903" could corresponds to the "cash button|check button|Visa/MC button|Authorize Card button|American Express button".
Note: Use "CARD" to place the authorize card button. Other payment options are defined in to Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Payment Categories.
Tip #3 - When returning a charge sale invoice and you want to auto reduce the invoice balance so you don’t have to apply the credit as a second step. Head to Maintenance > General Maintenance > Workstations and on tab 4 MISC check “Auto Reduce Invoice Balance in Merchandise Return”.
A Word from Professor Tri-Tech

The AIMsi Road Map: Navigating the software waters
Before you embark on a grand journey, it’s always a good idea to know how to get where you want to go. Knowing the difference between an interstate expressway and a county road can save you countless hours of travel, frustration and bathroom breaks. When you open AIMsi, you have a task in mind: running statements, reordering inventory, analyzing financials. Knowing where to go to perform these tasks will save you countless minutes of clicking, browsing, and ... bathroom breaks.
Here then, is Rand, Professor Tri-Tech’s Road Map for AIMsi.
Think about your task. Is it something you might only do one time, or is it something you might do regularly? Does it fall under the category of one of AIMsi’s modules or does it span several, or perhaps all? Would it produce an output suitable for printing or emailing? 
If your task ideally is set up once and forgotten Ron Popeil style, odds are you’re going to find it under the Maintenance menus. If it is module-specific, it will likely be in one of the module settings, but if it’s the opposite, you’ll probably find it in general maintenance (examples might include tax percentages, computer/workstation settings, and touchscreen menus). For your daily or regular tasks, you’re going to find those under the modules menu, and from there choose the most appropriate module. For any kind of printout from statements to mailings to drawer balances, your final destination is the report catalog.
These three overall menu options are your starting point (modules, reports and maintenance). With this approach to finding your goal, you’re on the right path to quickly mastering all the capabilities of the AIMsi retail solution.
Company Spotlight - KBI Music Shoppe
KBI Music Shoppe, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is a family owned business established in 2009 that started in the basement of the owners home with plans to "fix a few horns for the local schools". Now, the shop is specializing in all Band and Orchestra Instrument Repair with seven employees. Aside from the owners, there is one full time repair technician and four counter staff.
After adopting their daughter Olivia from China in 2010, the door opened for them to travel back to China to pursue importing their own instruments. The main goal was to find quality instruments that could be offered in the area at an affordable price for rent or purchase. With Dan's background in repair, trips to China, and much communication with carefully selected manufacturers, they succeeded in what they set out to do. KBI has been importing for seven years with the brand Fidelis Musical Instruments.  "It hasn't been easy but it has been very rewarding" - Ricia King, Owner

KBI has been a customer of Tri-Tech since 2011 using AIMsi and implementing multiple modules including GL, Rent to Own, Repair, POS, Scheduling for Summer Camps, Inventory, Contact Management, Purchase Order and Email. And using Active –e for online rentals. The business has grown steadily from repair adding rentals, a larger location, and lessons all with the help of AIMsi and Active-e.

When asked what they enjoy most about running KBI Music Shoppe, “The service we are able to provide to our band directors. Dan can fix anything! We enjoy working with the Band Directors and especially the students!” - Ricia King, Owner

We would like to thank Ricia and Dan for their loyalty, support and business. We are grateful to contribute to your store’s continued success. Check them out at
Employee Spotlight - Meet Nick Reynolds

 Nick Reynolds has been with Tri-Tech since July, 2015 as a Support Technician. Nick says he enjoys working with a knowledgeable team that is as enthusiastic as he is about giving clients the best experience possible. He feels that Tri-Tech is more like a family, as each Team Member is always willing to help out; allowing the team to function as one harmonious, well-oiled machine.

Nick says, "It is empowering to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with my Tri-Tech family behind a product that we all whole-heartedly believe in. I believe that Tri-Tech has truly found the secret recipe for success by being one of few companies in our day and age that breaks the mold; actually recognizing and caring about the needs of its customers and constantly evolving to fulfill them and even surpass their expectations. I am honored to have been allowed the privilege of tagging along with this company on its journey to the stars."

In Nick's free time he enjoys movies (especially sci-fi and comedy), playing video games, science, technology, cats, camp fires, geocaching, hiking, nature … and most of all Spring!
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