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Welcome to the Tri-Tech Newsletter, your source for all things Tri-Tech! In this edition we will share info about what's new at Tri-Tech, tips to help you run your business, and employee spotlights. 
Upcoming Trade Shows
 August 5-8 
September 18-20
September 25-26
Nashville, TN
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Development News
for more information on the release, including screen shots, system requirements and pricing.
Check out the above video
    introducing AIMsi v12
Support Tips

How to enter a check you received from a Vendor to put in your cash drawer for the day:
First you need enter the check amount as an accounts payable credit invoice and expense to the proper account.
Then enter an accounts payable debit invoice for the same amount and expense to check clearing (109-2.) Transfer credit invoices all through accounts payable.
The check will show in daily balance to be deposited.
Avoid scanning barcode in qty field
Sometimes when selling or receiving items the cursor may be sitting in the Qty field and then a barcode is scanned. If it is not immediately caught you could receive or sell a large number of products. The system variable MaximumQty will help prevent this from happening.
A Word from Professor Tri-Tech

By now, you’ve probably heard some buzz about v12. Except v12s don’t buzz, they purr when idling and roar when fully throttled. Okay, bad engine jokes aside (anyone remember v8?), if you haven’t checked out the newest version of AIMsi, you’re truly missing out. This is an upgrade worthy of the wait, one that can really help you gain even greater control of your retail business by allowing for a highly customizable interface, backed with the capabilities provided by SQL. What does this mean for you in non-technospeak-ese? You can now accomplish things that were next to impossible in previous versions, from building your own inventory and customer data fields, easier searches for everything, a simplified point-of-sale experience and that’s only scratching the surface.

Stay tuned to your email inbox, our website and social media outlets as we will be announcing a series of free information sessions to help get you acquainted with the upgrade, as well as a line of training webinars designed to unlock the potential of v12 for your needs.
Margie's Web Tip EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It!
Your always-current Active-e shopping cart has a new name! AIMsiStorefront (catchy!) is fully hosted by Vortx and will continue to be reliable and up-to-date. This change allows Tri-Tech to direct focus to AIMsi while Vortx focuses on security and improvements to the cart. Tri-Tech and Vortx will continue to work together on forward-looking features and integration.
My favorite update to the shopping cart to date is the ability for customers to shop for instrument accessories, add them to the cart, and select the school they’d like the accessory(ies) delivered to. We’ve had quite a few music stores request this feature and I’m glad to see that it has been added. Features like this can’t happen without a customer request followed by other customers up-voting it. If you are on the latest cart and have a great idea for a feature request, please enter it here:
Employee Spotlight - Meet Kamille Neal

Kamille Neal has been with Tri-Tech for 11 months as a Support Technician. Kamille enjoys having the ability to make a difference in our client's day to day operation. "Everyday brings a new challenge, which allows me to educate our clients on AIMsi abilities. While continuously allowing me to expand my skill set and knowledge base." - Kamille

Kamille is a mother of one and caregiver to many. She's a Chicago native and relocated to Iowa about 7 years ago. In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her family and traveling the country. Her most interesting hobby is wig creation. She's also a bit of a history buff, and loves a good conspiracy theory.

"Kamille is a great addition to the team and that she has wonderful customer service skills. We could not say enough nice things about our interactions with her." - Support Customer. 
For updates and new
training tools.
The Giving Tree

The Tri-Tech Team donated $400.00 to the Veteran's Freedom Center in Dubuque ( and $200 to the Multicultural Center from our Casual Friday donations.

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