Tri-Technical Systems' Quarterly Newsletter, 4th Quarter 2017
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Welcome to the Tri-Tech Newsletter, your source for all things Tri-Tech! In this edition we will share info about what's new at Tri-Tech, tips to help you run your business, and employee spotlights. 
Upcoming Events

  • January 23-26, 2018     Shot Show      Las Vegas, NV
  • January 25-28, 2018     NAMM            Anaheim, CA
  • February 14-15, 2018   CABDA           Schaumburg, IL        

We're in the final stages of the
AIMsi v12 Upgrade
Development News

Are you PCI Competent?

If you accept payment by credit card on your website, you need to be meeting PCI Standards or you are putting your business at risk. The e-commerce experts at Vortx untangle this complex topic, and in just 10 minutes, you’ll understand the basics of PCI Standards and how they impact your business!   [Watch Video]
Support Tips

Because AIMsi is real time it is not possible to get a report of what you had in inventory as of a past date. For example, what if you want to know what your inventory was as of 12/31/2016? What we recommend is to setup a folder on your computer, for example call it “2017 Reports,” then at the end of each month you can save your different reports such as inventory, sales, receivables, etc. and you can always refer back to them. Alternately, if you are using our general ledger you can run reports to get values at a specific date. If you forget to do this and need an estimate of your inventory value you can do the following:
If the you are using general ledger you can run list individual ledger account for your specific 120 accounts.
Otherwise you will have to "back in" to the total via the subsidiary reports.
1.) Run the report "List Inventory Count by Category" and get that total.
2.) Run the report "List Sold Inventory by Category" from the date you want to today and add that total to the first total.
3.) Run the report "List Inventory Received by Category" for the date you want through today and subtract that total from your number.
*Please note that this will not be an exact value but a good estimate.
Also, we STRONGLY suggest you make sure you backup your entire AIMsi folder on a daily basis. We continue to get calls from customers that acquire a “Ransom” virus and the only way to fix this is to restore but many have not been doing that. Test your backups routinely and don’t open any suspicious emails.
A Word from Professor Tri-Tech

Your inventory reports are an invaluable resource for determining the heartbeat of your retail business. Make sure they are accurate by performing periodic physical counts. Accurate counts help prevent over or under-ordering of your product and keep your accountant happy with correct balance sheets. AIMsi offers two forms of physical inventory help: full scale counts and spot checks/cycle counts. Full scale counts help ensure that no SKU goes un-counted, while spot checks help keep those counts accurate throughout the year by allowing a quick check of a shelf, end cap or display. Both are quick and efficient when using a handheld data collector in lieu of a pencil and paper. A free recorded webinar in the Member Portal goes over the use of our recommended data collector for physical counts. You still have time to get a count in before the holiday madness sets in, and this can help ensure a good seasonal stock order.
Have questions or need guidance? An investment in online training goes a long way! Sessions are recorded for your convenience and reference so you can make sure you get the most of your training time. Give us a call to schedule your session soon!
Margie's Web Tip  EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It!
For those who have converted to v10 of storefront, have you visited the aspdotstorefront forum?
There are “How To” articles and videos, FAQs and a place to make feature requests for the v10 cart. For those that have not upgraded yet, there are still some helpful articles and tips that can be used right now.
It’s great to see some of the feature requests that customers have already submitted. What do you think would be useful for AIMsi Active-e customers? Feature requests are a great way to shape the future of the Active-e v10 and beyond cart.

Employee Spotlight - Meet Kathryn Lyness

Kathryn Lyness has been with Tri-Technical Systems for over a year as a Marketing Specialist.

When asked what she enjoys about working at Tri-Tech she responded by saying, "I enjoy the family environment, as well as seeing the team proactively find ways to improve products and customer service to better the customer experience."

In her free time Kathryn likes spending time with friends and family, playing golf and traveling.
On-site Training
  Professor Tri-Tech, Bill Steppan, has been busy this year with on-site trainings. To learn more about our training options: 
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