Tri-Technical Systems' Quarterly Newsletter, August 2017
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Welcome to the Tri-Tech Newsletter, your source for all things Tri-Tech!  In this edition we will share info about what's new at Tri-Tech, tips to help you run your business, and employee spotlights.  

Tri-Technical Systems Receives 2017 FrontRunners Award

Upcoming Events

  • August 6-9, 2017                  RSPA                         Las Vegas, NV  
  • September 9-10, 2017          VDTA                         Niagara Falls, Canada
  • February 14-15, 2018           CABDA                      Schaumburg, IL
  • January 23-26, 2018            Shot Show                  Las Vegas, NV
  • January 25-28, 2018            NAMM                        Anaheim, CA                     

    Look What's Happening

    Your purchase of personalized online training will increase in value. Sessions will now be recorded using GoToMeeting, allowing you to review and revisit past sessions at your leisure. Our own Professor Tri-Tech will make use of webcam technology so it's like he's there in person, the only difference is he won't drink all your coffee.

    The best part? The price remains the same. Online training remains our most popular training option, giving you the flexibility to advance your software investment around your
    own schedule without the time and expense of travel.
    Contact us today to purchase your session.  
    MusiTech Workshop
    - Sign up before September 1st for Early Bird Discount

    Come join us November 7th and 8th on the beautiful Las Vegas Strip for a two-day music retail accounting and AIMsi workshop. Tri-Technical Systems has engaged Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C. to develop a joint workshop that teaches music retailers how to implement sound financial strategies using AIMsi music retail accounting software. 

    Find out more at  

    Development News

    The development department is continuing to work hard on the rewrite of the AIMsi software. One of the new features is called Customer Attributes. This new feature gives you the ability to define additional custom data entry fields to collect when entering a new customer. These new fields can be assigned to certain customer defaults. You have the ability to setup the format for each new field (i.e. User Entry, Predefined, Numeric Integer, Numeric Decimal and Date). You can also set each new field as required or not required. You also have the ability to assign the new fields a ‘Tag Name’ so that you can use these fields in Mail Merge routines.

    Support Tips

    It’s the weekend (or after hours for support) and AIMsi has crashed and I cannot log back in, is there anything I can do?

    You can first attempt to run a "Repair" command to see if AIMsi can fix itself.

    Follow these steps: (If possible it is typically faster to do this from the server.)

    1. Make sure nobody has an error on the screen or AIMsi open in anyway
    2. Right click on you AIMsi Shortcut and choose properties.
    3. Highlight the "Target" path and right click and choose copy.
    4. Navigate to your window start button in lower left corner of your screen
        a) if you have a search bar right click and paste the target path there
        b) if you have window 10 type "run" and select the run command and paste the target there
    5. Go to the end of the target path you pasted and hit the space bar and then type an uppercase R.
    6. Hit enter, the program will start flashing and re-indexing of table... the repair is running.
    7. When complete AIMsi should open as normal.  

    If you get an 1884 error then write down the name of the table with the error. If you get any other error you will need to restore your backup. 

    For 1884 errors follow these steps:


    1.  Make sure you are the only one in AIMsi.
    2.  Get the list of tables you wrote down with 1884 error from above. 
    3.  Click Admin and run Table Repair.
    4.  Select the first table from the list above and choose Analyze Only, the click Proceed.
          **If anything shows up after running this press repair.**
    5.  Repeat this last step for each file on the list.
    6.  Hold down Ctrl and press F2.
    7.  In the command box type SELECT filename and press Enter. (The filename is the file listed in step 4)
    8.  Type USE filename EXCL and press Enter.
    9.  Type PACK and press Enter.
    10. Repeat steps 6-8 for any other files listed, then close AIMsi.
    11. If you close AIMsi without using the door in the top right of the toolbar you will get an alias logged in   user error just ignore that.
    12. Run the Repair command again from above. 
    13. Once this is done you should be able to use the program. 

    Margie's Web Tip  EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It!

    In case you missed it, Tri-Tech has been working hard with our partner Vortx to delivery new ecommerce options to our customers. 

    We at Tri-Tech are extremely excited for this new Active-e model. Tri-Tech and Vortx will work closely moving forward to bring you the very best features and enhancements, as well as staying abreast of the ever changing security landscape. Vortx will now be better positioned to use their expertise of keeping your website secure and updated by hosting your website. Meanwhile, Tri-Tech will continue to use their expertise in building new features and enhancements for your active-e connection between AIMsi and your website. 

    We encourage you to visit this link to learn more about this exciting offer:

    A Tri-Tech representative would be happy to join you on a phone call with Vortx to answer all your questions. You can sign up to schedule a call here, or call one of the numbers listed below.  

    Tri-Tech Sales 800.670.1736
    Vortx Sales 541.201.9965 

    Company Spotlight - was founded by Dan & Cheryl Todd in 2006 and is located in Avondale, AZ.

    Dan Todd has been in the gun business most of his life and has a passion for, and an extensive knowledge of, firearms of all makes and eras. He offers a full-service gun-shop which includes in-house gun-smithing & repairs. Favorite firearm: "All of them!" Dan & Cheryl have pulled together a great team of people who are as diverse in their backgrounds and areas of interest as the items they sell in the store. provides top-notch Quality Guns, Manufacturing & Gunsmithing Service along with great customer support.  In addition to the store, Dan and Cheryl host a weekly podcast, 

    Through their commitment, experience, and expertise, has established a strong business relationship with their customers. currently has 6 people on staff. They implement and use AIMsi for their sales system, Gunsmith Management, Gun Book and other aspects to successfully run their business. Active-e is an integral part of their e-commerce solution.  

    We would like to thank the team at for their loyalty, support and business. Check them out at

    Employee Spotlight - Meet Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson has been with Tri-Technical Systems for 4.5 years holding a Business Technology Consultant position.  

    What Mike really enjoys about working at Tri-Technical Systems is the team environment. "My previous employment  was with a global company where I was literally just a number. Here at Tri-Tech we really have a "family vibe" going that just encourages positivity." 

    Mike is a busy father of four boys so a lot of his favorite activities happen outside. Camping, biking, fishing and most anything else that does not involve "inside voices" is what occupies a lot of his free time.
    On-site Training
      Professor Tech, Bill Steppan, has been busy this year with on-site trainings.  To learn more about our training options: 
    The Giving Tree
    St. Stephen's Food Bank

    Tri-Tech employees were happy to donate to St. Stephen's Food Bank this quarter. We look forward to continue to support this wonderful organization.
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