October 2015
Think Differently: A New Approach for Parenting, Teaching and Treating Children with Behavioral Issues

We are thrilled to announce that NAMI CC&I is sponsoring a free all day training led by Dr. Stuart Ablon of Massachusetts General Hospital entitled Think:Kids Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)
on Saturday December 5 in Hyannis - 9:00 - 3:30 in Hyannis

Think:Kids is a revolutionary evidence-based approach for helping children with behavioral issues. Challenging behavior has traditionally been thought of as willful and goal oriented which has led to approaches that focus on motivating better behavior using reward and punishment. If you have used these techniques, and they haven't worked, this workshop is for you! Through lecture, videos, case examples and role play this training will help shift your thinking and the way you deal with challenging behavior. At Think:Kids they say it is not a matter of will but a lack of the thinking skills that create the difficult behavior. CPS helps adult caretakers learn to resolve problems in a collaborative, mutually satisfying way.

Dr. Ablon is the Director of Think:Kids in the Department of Psychiatry at MGH, as well as Associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School
He co-authored Treating Explosive Kids.

While the program is free, registration is required. Lunch is included.
Call 508-778-4277 or email ahoxie@namicapecod.org
golf ad snipped

The 2015 SLK Memorial Golf Tournament was an unqualified success with a full field of 120 players teeing off on the pristine course of the Oyster Harbors Club in Osterville. In addition to the players, 60 supporters joined us for dinner and participated in the silent and live auctions. We also conducted a live fund-a-need effort and raised an additional $21,000 to fund a part time Resource Coordinator's position. We hope to have this position filled before the end of the year. With the advent of our active marketing campaign, we have experienced a marked increase in support calls and requests for resources.
The success of the event can be attributed to the active participation of many companies and individuals who supported this effort at the sponsorship levels. We owe special thanks to our presenting sponsor The Lyndon Paul Lorusso Foundation
and also to Robert Kinlin, his associates, and his family. The efforts of our many supporters
and volunteers have worked to make this one of the premier golf events of the Cape season.
To see a copy of the Thank You Ad which was published  in the Oct 18 issue of the Cape Cod times with the complete list of sponsors and donors,
click here. 


A Common Struggle
I just finished Patrick Kennedy's newly released book, A Common Struggle, and I would recommend it as an interesting and informative read.
For anyone interested in the Advocacy part of the NAMI mission, the narrative provides a wealth of background information on the long and complicated effort in presenting and passing a mental health parity law. NAMI, at the national level, was a part of the lobby for this effort. Both Patrick, on the House side and his father, Ted Kennedy, in the Senate, were major advocates for the passage of the bill, but based on their own experiences had different expectations of the legislation.
The other take away from the book, one that is especially relevant in our present society, is Kennedy's vivid description of his own illness (bipolar disorder and depression) and his well known problems with alcohol and drug addiction. The relationship between the illnesses becomes widely apparent and should be considered and seriously explored as we go forward in our fight against the opiate epidemic present in today's world.
Kennedy also addresses the issues of stigma and shame attached to both addiction and mental illness and details the efforts of his famous family to keep these problems under control and hidden from the American public. Kennedy left Congress in 2011 and is devoting his time to advocacy for treatment and research of brain diseases. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Amy, and children.
Read & written by Jackie Lane

 ...  to Jackie Lane, who has been appointed by the NAMI CC&I Board of Directors to the position of Executive Director.  Jackie has been Acting Director since March and has spearheaded the highly successful golf fundraiser.  Everyone who has worked with Jackie is delighted to see her at the helm of the NAMI CC&I office.
Behavioral Health Summit

NAMI CCI Program Director Deb Rausch and NAMI member Dan Shay participated on a panel entitled "Self Advocacy in Motion on Cape Cod" as a part of the Behavioral Health Provider Coalition's 3rd Annual Behavioral Health Summit  "Building Bridges to Recovery" on October 2.  Keynote speaker Senator Jennifer Flanagan of Leominster spoke about the mental health initiatives she and other senators are spearheading.

Other discussions included an informative session on the integration of mental health and substance abuse with the police departments, who are often on the front lines of dealing with these issues.  Representatives from the Barnstable, Yarmouth & Dennis, DMH & Gosnold spoke of their new training and education (CIT) to keep people out of jails and to get the care they need.

The final discussion focused on the critical issue of creating opportunities to integrate medical and behavioral care on Cape Cod including having mental health professionals as part of medical and pediatric practices.

The Summit, attended by over 300 people, provider an excellent forum to learn more about what is currently being done on the cape, as well as ideas for the future to improve the behavioral care for residents of Cape Cod.

Visit Our New and Evolving Website
We are continuing to update our website with helpful information and look to you for suggestions.  Did you know that if you press the YouTube button on the Home Page, you will be taken to a site offering many informative videos on various mental health subjects.
Mental Health Awareness Week
Jackie Lane attended and spoke at a very informative session on PTSD on Nantucket as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and spoke with Nantucket Family To Family teachers about how to integrate more NAMI services on the island.  This event was co-sponsored by NAMI CC&I.

Family to Family
The first ever summer Family to Family was held in Bourne. There was a great turn out every night. And we thought we couldn't have a course in the summer on Cape Cod!
We have two F2F courses currently running. One is in Barnstable Village while the other is in Bourne, meeting twice a week to be completed in 6 weeks instead of 12, another first for NAMI CC&I!  Between the three courses we had over 50 participants.

Please contact Deb Rausch at the office if you are interested in being a Family to Family leader. There is a tremendous need for Family to Family across the Cape and Islands but we do not have enough teachers to meet the demand, especially on the lower and outer Cape.  Vetting and training are required for this important volunteer position.

Peer To Peer
NAMI CC&I is collaborating with the Recovery Connection Center to offer a 10-week Peer To Peer course held at the RCC in Hyannis.  The course began October 9 and is being led by Sandi Whitney.
Veteran Outreach and Collaboration
Working in collaboration with the Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center, the Grace Program and the Cape Cod Military, Veteran and Family Collaborative we will be offering direct programming and services to the nearly 30,000 active and retired military across the Cape and Islands. In addition to other initiatives, two veterans will be trained to lead Family to Family and support groups.

Operation Backpack
We have a large number of backpacks and duffle bags left over from our golf tournaments of years past. We were delighted to be able to donate some of them to:
          Baybridge Clubhouse
          Fairwinds Clubhouse
          Team Izzy, a ministry of Pilgrim Congregational Church, Harwich
          The NOAH Shelter
You might want to check out....
Schizophrenia Education Day on Nov. 7 at Massachusetts General Hospital. Registration and information can be found at mghpatientfamily.org
Depression Clinical and Research Program at MGH is conducting a research study to find out if ketamine is effective in treating Major Depressive Disorder in adults who have not responded to treatment with antidepressants. In an initial study, ketamine proved very effective.
Contact Mariana at mcohen20@partners.org for more info.
Dance In the Rain Underground Asylum Coffee House Event
NAMI CC&I is sponsoring this free event on Nov.19 from 5:30-9:30 at the Double Tree Inn in Hyannis.  Meet with State Representative Timothy R. Whelan & Dr. Jeffery Rediger of McLean Hospital/Harvard/Oprah Winfrey Show.  Enjoy refreshments at the "Freudian Sips" food bar.
This event is for peers, mental health and art professionals, first responders, LGBT, health, faith and business professionals and the community at large. 
For more information: