City of Decatur will host a Public Workshop on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, to kick off Streets Smarts: The North Decatur Road Initiative. The project addresses safety concerns at the intersection of North Decatur Road and Superior Avenue. (In Clairmont Heights, the extension of this road is called North Superior Avenue.) The goal of this ambitious project is to identify specific design improvements to make this intersection on the city’s northern edge a safer and more habitable roadway for pedestrians, bicyclists, those with disabilities, motorists, and adjacent property owners.

WED, 12/07/2022, 6-8 PM
North Decatur Presbyterian Church
611 Medlock Road

Staff will discuss the corridor as it exists today, with a focus on safety and livability issues, and provide an opportunity for you to share your ideas and aspirations.

CHCA has engaged with DeKalb County and City of Decatur officials about this issue for many years, and we are eager to make suggestions, provide feedback, and achieve real improvements. We encourage all neighbors who use this intersection to educate yourself about the scope and goals of this initiative using the links provided by City of Decatur and to attend the planned meetings.

YOU CAN HELP! Substantive changes to infrastructure — particularly when it falls across multiple municipalities — is a challenging endeavor. Turning talk into action starts with creating a consensus plan that residents, city staff, and political leadership can propel forward, particularly as it relates to working together with DeKalb County. This is your opportunity to be the change you want to see — helping us envision and create that plan.