#2 | October 7, 2020
What's News At Magee?
Change of Environment Window
The next opportunity to commit to a learning environment in KM schools will occur prior to the second quarter/term, which runs Nov. 9, 2020 through Jan. 22, 2021. A link to a change request form will be shared Oct. 19 and will be open through Oct. 23. Another opportunity to request a change in learning environment will occur in January, with the start of term 3.

If you plan to make a change, please consider the impact a potential quarantine might have on your family in the coming quarter/term and select the correct environment. Due to staffing needs and configurations:
  1. Changes at the elementary level will likely cause reassignment of your child’s teacher and class configuration, regardless of your family's decision. In addition, changes in either direction will not be honored after October 23. (Depending on the number of changes, we will need to move staff to meet the demand for each environment.)
  2. KM will not be able to honor changes at the middle and high school levels from distance learning to face-to-face learning after October 23. 
  3. At the high school level, selecting distance learning may alter your student’s term 2 course selections.

NOTE: This change request form is only necessary if you want to change your environment for the second quarter/term, which begins Nov. 9.

Our dismissal procedure is working well and we appreciate your patience. We do need a little help with a traffic issue. Our buses arrive between 3:20 and 3:25. When cars are lined up and buses cannot get into the parking lot it causes a traffic jam. Our dismissal runs from about 3:15pm until 3:40pm - Please consider arriving after 3:25 if at all possible OR consider parking for a bit until the line goes down. After 3:25, it is pretty quiet and pretty quick. Making this small adjustment will make our dismissal run even better! Thank you for your assistance!
Classroom Happenings
While I think everyone recognizes things look different in classrooms, did you wonder what it looks like in action?
In the video to the right, Mrs. Nettesheim is teaching to students in her classroom at Magee as well as students that are distance learning for a bit. Our students have really adjusted well to both being a distance learning student and having distance learners in their class. Teachers are making the adjustment too - as we do it more and more, it feels just like something we do. Teachers often have only a day or less notice when they will have a student distance learning and have made changes to meet the needs of all students.
All of the work is worth it so that we can be face to face with our learners for as long as possible. Thank YOU - parents - for your work and support to make it happen at home!

We are extremely excited to be here into October and hopefully beyond. We want YOU to know that we WANT to be here with your children safely. Thank you for your support of the mitigation strategies we have in place at school. (If your child needs more masks, let us know - they should be clean each day!) And also thank you for your support of the quarantine measures that we need to put in place for everyone's safety. We recognize this is challenging for families and we want you to know that we are here for you. We are only a phone call or email away. Please reach out if you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk through what is happening. Magee is a very supportive community and the only way we get through this is together! #thrivingtogether
Outdoor Learning Spaces
Thank you to our Outdoor Learning Team for creating more spaces outside for learning! Mr. Schroedl and Mr. Suhr revived a path through our lower woods and prairie that includes space under a tree for classes to use.
We are finding the silver-lining in the pandemic as it is helping us bring this big idea to a reality that is good for the whole Magee Community!
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