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2020 June -2
Message from our President:

Since I shared the "The Talent Development Community Can't Be Silent," The responses have been overwhelmingly positive. I've received suggestions for speakers, ideas on volunteerism and also people who wrote back to me to say that they are making an honest effort of the first step of educating themselves better on the topic.   

Thank you all for taking a moment last week to listen to that plea and please keep the conversation going! The message in its entirety is now posted on our blog . If you would like to leave any comment or start a discussion, please do.

In that spirit, the University of California has allowed us to share a series on "Managing Implicit Bias". I'd like to start the series by addressing, " What is Implicit Bias" . This micro-course only takes around 15 minutes and can help you to understand how the brain sometimes uses shortcuts that can ultimately lead to incorrect conclusions. We will announce the links to the full series in our next "What's Next?" issue.

Also, ATD National has unlocked some premium articles on the subject of Diversity and Inclusion.  
Please take advantage of these as well:   https://www.td.org/diversity-inclusion-resources

And, please keep the suggestions coming my way!

Jeffrey Baumann
ATD Golden Gate Chapter President [email]


For Chapter Members:

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Register for these Programs Now:
NEW WEBINAR SERIES: The Seven Building Blocks for Creating High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL): "Urgency"

TODAY , June 17th - Noon - 1pm ~ First Session: "Urgency" How do you create High Impact Learning that Lasts? ATD Golden Gate will be hosting a seven-part social learning series discussing the building blocks of successful adult learning. We'll be kicking it off in June with the first part of the series "Urgency." In total, the seven programs will cover: Urgency, Action & Sharing, Hybrid Learning, Learner Agency, Collaboration & Coaching, Flexibility and Assessment as Learning. These monthly social learning sessions are free for ATD Golden Gate members and will focus on sharing, networking and learning from others. Still time to get your login - Register NOW!
Exploring Diversity & Inclusion using Point of You®

THURSDAY, July 16th ~  Explore how to use the photo-therapy tool Points Of You® to address complex and emotional topics in a way that facilitates collaboration and connection. The program will focus specifically on diversity and inclusion and ways to invite acceptance and inclusivity.
WEBINAR SERIES: The Seven Building Blocks for Creating High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL): "Action & Sharing"

WEDNESDAY, July 15th - Noon - 1pm ~  To create experiences where people ‘feel’ that learning is happening you need active learning to take place, Join the HILL social learning series as we discuss the building block “Action & Sharing.”
Pivoting Tools to Reshape the Workplace of 2020

 WEDNESDAY, July 22nd ~   Join us to learn how to scale coaching in your organization to support current reshaping/pivoting of the business, strategically point your coaching culture at 2020/2021 objectives, and reinforce and accelerate ongoing results to achieve end-of-year targets!