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I send you a big virtual hug! It has been quite the week and I am spending my Sunday in training's and Functional Medicine educational groups disagreeing over Autoimmunity and Elderberry usage lol. 

I am writing, because based on other states, we will be even more limited in our movement soon. There are curfews, national guard and fines occurring in other areas. Many are fighting their Covid-19 Infections on their own. I want us to be prepared, as there could be yet another shift in our new normal.  

This week I have been grateful for the honest conversations that I am blessed to have, with people from all walks of life. What am I seeing? Well, I know that it is easy to fall back into old patterns, to become destructive: to eat too much, sleep too much, scroll on social, binge watch tv, spend, self harm, drink, smoke etc.  It is easy to not be at your best.

I know that some families get through a normal week, by not seeing each other, therefore this type of togetherness is painful and dangerous psychologically. If you really know me, you know that I believe that Suffering arises, when we refuse to Radically Accept. This does not mean you have to "Like" it, but you must be able "See" it to truly manage it.

 I don't like labels or judgement. I accept what I am seeing and I've been helping my client families to manage it. To plan their d ays, to be intentional, to use their skills. I am guiding their mental health and wellness plans. I recognize that "doing life on life's terms" was hard enough before, but now, without structure, it's easy to get lost.

This email is about focusing, grounding and adjusting to our rapidly changing reality. I ask that you anticipate (if you haven't already) Virtual: Wellness Coaching, Brain Health Coaching, Couples Counseling, Group options.

Try these check in questions below. Reach out to your coaches, counselors and advisors Now, not later. When faced with a big challenge, you want to be your best self! You may be in the middle of a life pivot and need someone to coach you through that.

I offer weekly and biweekly, individual and family, Zoom/Phone visits at 20, 30, 45, 60 and 75 minute durations. I'll have openings in my calendar in a couple of weeks.
~Be Well Doc Tiffany



Be Well!
Doc Tiffany Brown-Bush
1. Please reach out for a custom protocol, each of my client's is different. Recommendations can be very different. However, I still stand by the use of Vitamins A, C and D, plus utilizing melatonin and Briotech HOCL. The melatonin link, seems to be the protective piece for children and 3rd trimester pregnancies. Also continue to avoid the use of ibuprofen. 

2a. If you have access to Briotech HOCL, I recommend you spray your eyes, nose, throat, underside of tongue and hands every couple of hours. This is especially true if you are still leaving the house. Covid-19 is airborne, not just on surfaces. Breathing the same air as others is fine and unavoidable, you just need to be flushing your sinuses, eyes and throat constantly.

2b. If a sore throat develops, you must aggressively resolve this with the HOCL spray, gargling with ACV or Salt water and even applying the Biocidin Throat spray. Do not allow that to linger, as COVID-19 will settle in the throat for 24-48 hours before potentially travelling into the lungs. Flush it into the stomach and make sure the stomach is acidic. 

3. Drink hot tea throughout the day to flush the throat. DO NOT Smoke.

4. Wash your hands, remove outside shoes and clothes, exercise, sweat, take Epsom Salt baths, sauna, eat veggies and fruits.

5. Never forget to engage in mindfulness and prayer. You are not alone, there is something bigger than you. Fear will trigger immune activation, so control the controllable's. Use your coping toolbox!

                         Treatment Shifts 
A few thoughts.

Take time today to plan your week. Start with your Monday. When you will you get up? What time is breakfast? What will it be? What time will you go outside? What time are Lunch and Dinner? 

Use your Binaural Beats. Parents please make sure students are using these to focus. Make sure that they are getting up and moving around hourly, just as they would at school!
Shifting Brain Health Coaching virtually, will require a few tools. I have the Primitive
Reflexes exercises that I will send for our appointments. In addition you just need eyelights, an Interactive Metronome unit, a balancing pad and if you really want to create the office experience, a vibration pad. With so many students at home, balancing their brains will be even more important. At home brain training is an easy transition. 

ADHD coaching support is very important right now. I am finding that working parents are struggling with how to entertain their ADHD student, while Mom and Dad work from home.  ADHD/ EF Students need structure, routine, rewards and consequences. They need to know what to expect. If you are at a loss, don't struggle alone. 

We can do this, it is just a matter of planning and preparing for change, yet hoping resolution might come quickly.

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