What’s Next

Recently, several people have asked me what we as a church are going to do once Vision 2020 is complete. At the time my answer was “I haven’t heard yet.” What I meant was I had not heard or felt a compelling next step on where God was leading this congregation, but the truth is I had not listened yet either. We all knew that Vision 2020 was a bold plan to prepare us for the future. Now that it is almost complete we seek to hear from God what he would have First Methodist Conroe do next. 

What Elijah Heard

When the prophet Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal, he quickly packed up and fled from the wrath of Queen Jezebel. He had just completed an incredible work and he now needed to hear from God on what he should do next (Read 1 Kings 19). We see him struggle with fear and anxiety, with exhaustion and depression. He feels alone and abandoned, and he is searching for God and the voice of God.

He arrives at a cave and lodges in it when the word of the Lord comes to him, calling him to come and stand in God’s presence. Elijah goes out to hear God, to be in the presence of God, to stand before the Lord.

A great and strong wind tears by breaking the mountain in pieces, but the Lord is not in the wind. After the wind, an earthquake shakes the mountain, but the Lord is not in the earthquake. After the earthquake comes a fire burning down the side of this mountain, but the Lord is not in the fire.

Finally, after the wind, after the earthquake, after the fire, there comes the sound of a low whisper, and there is the voice and presence of God.

The Low Whisper of God

Over the past several weeks I have been in a time of prayer and planning. I stepped back from preaching and daily ministry at the office, so that I could listen and hear from the Lord on where he would have us go next. As I quieted my busyness and listened, I was able to hear more clearly what God was speaking to me. 

The voice and presence of the Lord is not found in the noise; it is found in the quiet. The Lord speaks to us in a low whisper, and the tragedy is, much of the time we cannot hear his voice because our ears are full with the clanging of the world around us and the fear within us.

We hear the voice of the Lord when we are quiet. Step away from the wind, earthquakes, and fires of this world and prepare yourself for the low whisper your heart needs. Our hearts weren’t made to be plugged in and constantly busy. We were also made to rest in the presence of God.

Quiet your heart and open your ears to hear the still small voice of God. You may be in the middle of the wind, earthquake or fire, but the low whisper is coming.

Don’t miss it.

Jeff Olive
Senior Pastor at First Methodist Conroe